1. Apocalypse is my 4th favorite season and I absolutely love it and have very few issues with the season

  2. Tied with between Jill and Amber with Jill being completely unexpected while Amber in terms of execution (“I know.” pulls out gun)

  3. 1984 by far. It more of my type of season, it’s fun, campy, and fast paced

  4. No because it would’ve ended the timeline with a big cliffhanger like Halloween 6 or Resurrection. Whether you like Ends or not at least they finally commit and gave a definitive ending

  5. Nice! Ends is my 2nd favorite in the series. Don’t be like Laurie and burn your pumpkin pie as you type it

  6. Love the movie and really enjoyed Rohan’s performance as Corey who’s definitely one of the more interesting characters of the trilogy and wished he has been there since 2018

  7. This will be the first time we’ll see Ghostface using a gun in costume and using a shotgun

  8. Just finished watching the finale and I don’t understand the hate the episode is getting. I love the finale and had a lot of fun. Hope we get a season 3

  9. This finally confirms that none of the survivors from 5 or Kirby dies in the opening thank god

  10. I thought the radio tower would served nothing more than a set piece in the finale but it served more than that with the DJ spreading false info about Laurie, Corey, and Michael and being a symbol of hope for Corey til he finally embraced the madness in him and literally set it on fire as a metaphor letting evil corrupt his innocence

  11. Just felt too similar to Normal Heart and Dahmer, wasn’t fun, too metaphorical, and too real (I watch AHS for escapism). Overall, it was a well made season but not for me

  12. Same here. Top 3 Evan Peters performances for me are James Patrick March, Kai Anderson, and Kit Walker

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