1. Damn, he voicing some big shounen anime. Jjk, mha, jojo, and black clover?

  2. Most ayaka pullers probably grabbed shenhe along the way

  3. You have a perfect on set elemental damage bonus goblet with double crit (max rolls) and atk%. The last stat is flat defense

  4. Traveller: bursts through the door your time’s up D- wait, you’re not Dottore?

  5. It's fine, because traveller needs to beat up your wife as well.

  6. Scaramouche already holds contempt for Aether, but now it would only multiply with his fondess towards Ei.

  7. they exist. as in, there is literally 1 move and it's exclusive to 1 pokemon. it has been that case for 4 generations now. So not new, just obscure.

  8. Damn... is it even possible to get that body without steroids?

  9. That's not how math works... spy x family means that you're multiplying family by spy. So it's be spy x (family -1)

  10. According to the post below this one, this post is gay...

  11. Time to spend that money on a 2d femboy in a gacha game instead :D

  12. Take the oldest ones age, divide by 2 and add 7. This is how young one should date.

  13. last I checked, Puerto Rico and Guam were both US territories and not countries...

  14. Jerboa lady scammed me, now I need to pull out the wallet...

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