A Silent Death [Art by Me]

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  1. Yeah Orbs are the worst modifier imo. They add nothing to the game in terms of variety in game play or strategy aside from camping/traveling on rooftops. Hwachas can be used against enemies and can encourage higher health builds. Disciples can be farmed for resolve and encourage careful planning while allowing you to travel. And overall encourage high DPS builds to kill waves before the disciples spawn. As well as make assassin useful for certain things.

  2. In concerns to matchmaking with randoms successfully? typically like to use Hunter for orb weeks.

  3. Don't usually look. Not really a big healer usually and like to murder stuff. But I'll run across the map to revive someone or hold a point or two on my own.

  4. What combo were you using w/ Stone Master?🥵

  5. I've known about the decreased wind up for a while. But this is the first time I've seen it in a combo chain. It does seem more damaging than MMC. Less stagger damage however. Must. Get. Off. Work. To. Test

  6. Fell free to post the results. I honestly love seeing the conclusions people come to. Maybe even someone with some actual editing skills lol

  7. Would say wind is easier and moon is the fastest. With this being somewhere in the middle. Faster than wind but slower than moon master cancel.

  8. Yo this is incredible. The detail! The act with him slitting the mongol's throat! A drawing of the assassin in his natural habitat!

  9. Prefer 25 waves myself. But I understand why people want 15 waves. Just want an option for a longer survival.

  10. Nah. Even with the animation cancels I know for combat and things for raids, I have never seen this.

  11. I think its fine as it is. Honestly the answer to decreased offerings has mostly been to just adapt to it. Time your smoke and also throw down the smoke bomb premptively or simply for ammo. Rather than for cover. Nuking others while exposed and learning how to function without the smoke helps.

  12. I would be fine with the game being like this in the sense of encouraging varied approaches. And I honestly prefer games that encourage you to use everything in it.

  13. As the title and description says, to compare dps between moon master cancel and stone master

  14. I practiced it on severed hearts vs the twin brutes. Then I went through the entirity of the veil between realms to practice using MMC against non brutes by myself without grabbing an attunement

  15. Yeah this happens to me and across all modes. Can definitely attest to it being annoying when I speedrun story.

  16. When you say story, do you mean Legends story or Jin Sakai's single player story?

  17. Samurai - Still fire Sam. But now with smoke for survival. Bottle/Caltrops for rivals. Enjo's Remorse for speedruns. Stealth Charm for Solo/Hwacha Weeks/Playing with Randoms

  18. You have to use "let's go" emote. Another emote that works is sumo but you must face the gate with your should and jump when you head "clips" or phase into the door.

  19. The amount damage rising tempo gives is 10% boost to ONLY MELEE. You hold this for 10 seconds OR until you get hit. It has a cap of about 50%+ damage if you successfully kill 5 people within 10 seconds.

  20. I struggle in combat even though I finally got to 110 ki. The bigger oni gold or nightmare is a struggle. I’d dodge their initially attack and melee them to only be attacked again very quickly by another enemy or same oni. I feel like I also don’t melt any particular enemy still takes multiple hits with the water sword. Any tips?

  21. A lot of "melting" your enemies comes from your build. Any challenge in the game can be overcome with skill and knowledge and thusly that is the most important thing. Learning how to survive on your own by learning the enemy patterns, knowing how to dodge all attacks.

  22. If you’re gonna go straight to using mmc make sure you still know how to parry and doge correctly. This is the one that always gets me. People are using mmc to do as much damage as possible but they eat every attack with their face

  23. You need stagger damage in order to stunlock her. Otherwise you better have those dodging skills on fleek.

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