1. I know this is a dead thread but I'm gonna reply anyway.

  2. Some of us still work downtown and have time to kill on our lunch breaks

  3. It was an amazing steak. I haven’t ventured out into “high quality” meat before, so I might not be the right person to ask. However, this one was for sure the best I’ve had!

  4. Intent matters. The same joke can be offensive or funny depending on who is saying it and why.

  5. I would never say stop being a snowflake, but I think we should lighten up a bit.

  6. Can I get a date on the opening? I’m trying to move out of this god forsake town in February, but would like to get diarrhea from this local gem before I go.

  7. Samson will always go and poop in front of the toilet if he can’t get out. I think it’s pretty smart of him.

  8. My girl is for sure an apartment dog. We always do puppy pad training anyway but now we live on the 3rd floor in Denver, so I’m thankful she uses them!

  9. Yeah. Samson is hit or miss. He has always been pretty stubborn. He does poop in front of the toliet though and we figured out where he likes to pee and just throw a puppy pad down. Unfortunately it’s right on my husbands side of the bed. Lol. But he uses it so we don’t mind. It saves me from being woken up at three am to have to get dressed and take him out.

  10. This is why I only have girl dogs. But I am jealous of people with boy dogs when it’s time to go outside. Boys just go anywhere!

  11. It's not even below -10 and there is very little wind you can go out naked and walk around (with shoes tho) for an hour and you'll be fine.

  12. The sad thing here is that it was probably black on black crime, which is TERRIBLE in itself. You do this shit to your own brethren and when someone tries to help we bring race into it.

  13. There is no medical privacy, at least not for women. I was using an app to chart my cycles and found out they can sell that info to the highest bidder. I skipped a period due to a medication I was taking and my app kept encouraging me to take a pregnancy test and report the findings. OB/GYN’s are made to hand over info on their patients, all ER doctors. Never for men though. The only thing the government cares about is the contents of a woman’s uterus, which you don’t have the right to control.

  14. I am asking this because I genuinely want to know and not because I am challenging you.. how sure are you that they don’t sell men’s information? I am H O P I N G you are wrong and you are not about to school me with some information that is going to make me want to become violently angry and also sob uncontrollably! 😭🤬

  15. One is "murder" of the fetus. It goes against the social script to not have kids, but if you're having miscarriages at least you're trying to follow the script.

  16. Nope I just find it interesting that people are seething with anger and wishing death on a child for killing an animal when they probably eat a dead animal every week. I'm not really too passionate in either direction, but if we're talking about humans killing animals for pleasure let's have the entire conversation instead of ignoring half of it.

  17. I’m pretty sure this is the kid that decided to do this because his parents didn’t buy him something? I want to say it was an Xbox or something?

  18. Well thank god they’re having a third one so maybe they can get it right this go around. s/

  19. I have seen it work one time. I saw a video yesterday of a guy sucking himself off in a parking lot and someone commented “sir, this is a Wendy’s” and I think it just really worked.

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