Convertible top vs slushy

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Why does alcohol still taste like shit? I'm 21, the drinking age is 18 where I am. All my peers already drink. I find beer and wine disgusting and can barely tolerate the taste of vodka and lady drinks (as a dude.) When does it get better?

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Taco Bell manager throws scalding water on customers

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  1. It’s never in a 45' angle and the roof is textile which has good grip

  2. And there's most likely condensation creating suction on the bottom

  3. What does cooking grenades mean? Like at a mixing table?

  4. So glad for this. Thanks. Can’t wait til next year!

  5. I really wish he had smashed up that uhaul. That would've actually costed the thieves money

  6. The ones that were actually in the garage,maybe, really depends which state he's in. The others definitely not. They were actively fleeing.

  7. Truffle salt is the only salt I'll spend money on

  8. Is this the missile that has the knives that stick out the sides, that was posted on reddit a few days ago?

  9. Nah, it’s a flat fee per page. That was a laser printer that printed that.

  10. I'm hopping on today. I'm pretty laid back player. Add my steam

  11. "Humans weren't not designed to have sex with multiple partners "....a penis is literally shaped to scoop out sperm from another man. So yeah I guess we do need sex ed

  12. I'm sure someone actually believes this but this def looks shopped

  13. The first church (church of Elle?) where you meet Kale. Head towards the shore, and there are a couple ruins that are easy to get on top of with torrent, and have >6 birds each.

  14. Magic is def the way to get them. The spell that shoots the blue arc out in front kills all them at once. No chance for any to get away.

  15. The Oop marked it as NSFW. This op just cross posted it

  16. Have you tried hard ciders? Down east hard cider tastes like actual cider

  17. No body cared about religious people until they started fucking around and found out. It's like if you punched someone and then complained that the person you punched was taking shit about you punching them.

  18. “… so that would be my list of all the monopoly pieces in descending order of fuckableness”

  19. I watch a decent amount of rust youtube and I've only ever heard of like 3 of those...I think. And sir winter is the only one I've actually really watched. They must've just searched rust on youtube and put the first creators they saw

  20. Sorry but minis gotta go. You shouldn't be able to cross the entire map in 2 minutes. At the very least they need to be severely nerfed

  21. At the very least it should be easier to shoot them down or at least the occupants. Maybe have a max altitude and slower speed.

  22. This is the fix for current rust... The game we have today with clans jerking each other off with their m2s 1 hr into wipe is not rust. That's all the misdevelopment happened in the last years. Fuck 8 man group limit, fuck t3-4 weapons, fuck modern attachments, fuck helis, fuck oil rigs, fuck cargo, fuck basically everything that differentiates this game from 2018-2019 rust

  23. It's be hard to find all those monuments without a map. And it'll certainly make teaming more tedious. It seems like this kind of addresses your complaints

  24. this mode will be the new solo duo trio servers. Legit useless, noone will play this

  25. I see 300-400 pop sdt servers all the time.

  26. if you die, you cant spawn in 24 hours and lose all bps

  27. It looks like that is the boiling water they use to clean the fryers which mean it probably also had very caustic chemicals in it as well

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