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  1. I have a post-redesign Flower Mill and I'm very happy with it so far. I've only had it for a couple of months, though.

  2. DS3 was the only other Souls-Borne game I've played to completion, and I did it with a sword and board strength build, so I had a bit of familiarity with the playstyle.

  3. I like immersing myself in a hobby, though admittedly I do tend to hobby-hop. Between either the learning stage or the execution stage, there's always something to do.

  4. I can't imagine he'll coach for us ever again. But I believe he'll get another job, somewhere.

  5. This dude was making fish in the microwave.

  6. Man, from the NBA Finals to having our head coach fumbling like this in the space of 3 months is a tough, tough deal.

  7. I'm so disappointed. What a fucking fiasco. Hope Brad can find somebody else who connects with these guys as well as Ime seemed to. My expectations for the coming season are completely changed. Damn.

  8. A nice idea, but the first time I jump in my car because I need to do whatever and the car refuses to start because the detector is malfunctioning? Aw hell naw!

  9. So I can’t make a post until I have made 50 comments in this subreddit, even though I’ve had an account for 6 years? Just have a question about my current grow.

  10. Need 50 comments, eh? Well, replying to a silly comment like mine might help you get there! As for growing, I'm getting ready to start my first. Good luck to you with your grow!

  11. Was anyone else afraid he started celebrating too soon and almost lost control of the ball before breaking the plane?

  12. That, 'toss the ball away the instant you break the plane (hopefully)' touchdown celebration drives me crazy. They're always millimeters away from botching it

  13. Haha, I think they're on to us. When I saw an ad the other day, it looks like they tweaked the font

  14. Im out of the loop, what was wrong with the original font?

  15. edit - you got that video there that does a much better job of explaining it than I XD

  16. i love the content here but i hope that the fluff and pausing to say "BIG...BRAIN...FOOTBALL" with the hand gestures each time is just him trying to establish the brand and will die out a little bit in the coming weeks. 5 minutes for 3 plays is a little much, but the idea, the commentary, and the interpolation of the postgame interviews and on field talk are all phenomenal.

  17. That's all I could think of as I was watching this. 2 minutes of content in a 5 minute package.

  18. Simplicity, or even explanation, would be nice. I recently bought my first vape, a ball vape. I've never used a PID before. There were zero instructions on how to use it. It literally took me two days to figure it out and I was getting really frustrated. Like, it's got a "SET" button, but that button doesn't seem to do anything. You literally just change the temp using the arrows, and that becomes the new setting. Except there's also no explanation about how the device functions, so I kept setting the thing for like 600, and it would rocket past the temp. I kept thinking it was broken. A simple, "Hey here's how to change temps. No, the SET button doesn't do anything and we don't know why it's there, either. Oh, and the temperature you set, the unit will scream past it first, then cool down below it, then stabilize at the desired temperature, but all of that will take like 6 minutes" would have saved me a lot of headache

  19. There's also the fact that some terp profiles aren't that great. I've recently started vaping myself, and the first strain I had, nice and peppery, piney notes. A pleasant, unique taste. Now I have a strain that tastes almost like it has plastic tasting undertones. Not great. Like, I wouldn't buy this strain again on just taste alone.

  20. This seemed to be an issue for them for a spell, not sure why, but I had a similar experience. Only buy the cacao powder, usually buy several boxes at a time without issue. Two orders ago I get my three boxes, I believe also in May...and they expired in July?!? WTF? None of my other orders over the years had that kind of issue with being right up against a best by date on receipt. My most recent order, in which I cut down on the size in case it happened again, had a much more reasonable spread until the best by date. I don't even recall what it was, it was so negligible. So maybe it was just a temporary issue. I don't recall any bad tastes, though. Just the feeling that I was being prodded to gulp it all down because it would be less good soon

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