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  1. Ahh, the return of Super-Straight men.

  2. It's just being straight, nothing super about it.

  3. Thanks for the information. We will check this situation in the next several days. I'll write you about result.

  4. Hello, Any luck with finding anything? We both tried again today and I load in the game and my friend's just says "Awaiting Start." Nothing happens and it eventually says he disconnects.

  5. We are trying to do Option 1 like we do with the Walkabout Mini Golf Game, I havent tried App Sharing and yes I just checked both quest 2 are on the same firmware. Is option 2 what we have to do for this game?

  6. If you don't see headlights, it means you aren't standing in the middle of the road. I rather not see the headlights.

  7. Unfortunately, no. A friend of mine and I tried this recently, both need to own the DLC.

  8. Driver side, Top Corner there is a small area to see through. That's where their whole face is.

  9. If you don't see any insects around then it's probably mice.

  10. I had a hamster until recently, but she was in a cage and the plant is on my desk usually, it would confuse me, if a mouse got up there

  11. Mice are acrobatics, so it wouldn't surprise me.

  12. And that's supposed to be inspiring and meaningful... lol she's delusional.

  13. From the photo it looks nice, in person it may be a different story.

  14. When you are beating off and you arm is getting tired so they step in to finish the job.

  15. I really like the food blog Hey Grill Hey. I use them for a lot of smoking tips. I just type in Tri Tip Hey Grill Hey or whatever meat you choose on the browser and they have step by step solutions on how to smoke or Grill. Their website is easy to read also, without all that ad bloatware and long stupid stories.

  16. With Dial-Up It'd take a solid 30 seconds or more to open an image that large.

  17. Hey, it took awhile for my wife to open up, too.

  18. When it does eventually open, you'll either be disappointed or satisfied. I'm glad you were you satisfied, because this is a great Valentines Day Card.

  19. Yeah I met someone who was allergic to cheese, onion and tomato. It was interesting going to a restaurant with them. Onion was the tough one because a lot of people seasoned with onion powder.

  20. No, some jobs mentioned on here are ridiculous but this isn't one of them. This one seems fantastic compared to others I seen posted on here.

  21. It’s not the worst, sure. But the mentality of “if you don’t like it, get a different job” is exactly the way companies continue to take advantage of workers, because they know workers will just leave and they can hire someone else.

  22. Like to me in my area this job seems good, it pays more than most in my area where the average wage is $28,000 to $30,000 a year, every job in my area has the same benefits and even with that you can afford a nice house with land. Cost of living is easy where I live, companies that don't make it around where I live is when the owners aren't humble and try to bring in that corporate attitude. Other than that, it's a easy life in a small town. So maybe in a big city this job may suck I guess but where I live you'll live and retire well.

  23. Problem: 2+2? Solution: 4. What's the other problem?

  24. 40 seconds? Dude needs to learn self control.

  25. He makes his money by how many clients he can get in a day. So he needs to produce fast so he can move on and facial the next client. Quick and easy money.

  26. I just wanna profit from all the metaverse junkies, but I personal don’t wanna use that shit.

  27. Profit how? I don't know the game, or whatever it is.

  28. I worked a few government jobs and never had a piss test, just background checks and almost everyone smoked. Only private business jobs that have a corporate have been strict on it from what I noticed.

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