1. Battle Beast probably wouldn't even notice Maul as anything notable during this fight, he is so many leagues about what Maul is capable of that he would be red mist before getting the chance to do anything.

  2. I don't believe so, seems to have happened off camera between S2 and 3.

  3. I would suggest your definition of decimate is probably closer to what he did. In the final scenes of the first season we see the flaxons rebuilding

  4. From their perspective though that was like hundreds if not thousands of years later, Omniman properly fucked them up.

  5. The Parliamentarium is like a small museum explaining the history of the EU and how the parliament works.

  6. Okay thank you so much. Will look into the house of European history!

  7. I hate when people do that shit knowing the vast majority of people didn’t speed up to the end to see what happens. Fuckin pricks.

  8. Why'd you look at a thread for an episode you haven't watched yet if you don't want spoilers?

  9. This right here is how I know you didn’t grow up at the very beginning of the Internet

  10. If your looking to take in refugees for personal gain then you have not grasped the entire point of taking in refugees.

  11. Info - how old is the boyfriend? He might not know about how problematic Sea World is.

  12. How could he be uneducated about the subject if he gave it as a joke?

  13. YTA. You could have taken the opportunity to educate him about why Seaworld is a bad company. You could have just smiled and nodded politely and got on with the party

  14. NTA this is just bullying and you should have started making a paper trail of this when it started, do so right NOW and escalate as needed.

  15. You're of the opinion that it is okay for a government institutions to force prayer on people, is that right?

  16. You stated you didn't see the problem with playing a prayer over the school loudspeaker. That to me is forcing the students to listen to that prayer. Explain what a student can do to not be forced to listen to that?

  17. Am I 'forced' to listen to a prayer when I walk across the street and hear someone praying?

  18. I never gave a real number, just said that reported cases don't reflect the real number. Reported cases will never be 100% of the actual cases.

  19. I would strongly gly encourage that you don't join the temple, they're generally pretty right wing despite how generally perceived and aren't even legally right in a lot of stuff they do. It isn't an issue of the country being too Christian but rather an issue of the Temple just being terrible at law. Sure even the laws they want to take down related to religious freedom were originally made, and still help, minority religions.

  20. 1: mark could even damage omni man at the begining of series, and that already puts him above homelander

  21. 1: during the season one finale im pretty sure mark is at least able to do a little damage

  22. Pretty sure Soldier Boy stomps as Cap and Bucky have no defence against him vaporisation beam.

  23. I really want to know why he never got a normal name. A lot of fans think he rejected one or that originally Viktor wasn't going to be given one as another way to separate him from his siblings, as Vanya is typically considered a boy's name, and Five gave him his. It could also be that Hargreeves forbid him from having one as a form of punishment for something. I would love it if they had a flashback where Grace gave them all their names and we see why Five's didn't change.

  24. Isn't it meant to be that Five disappeared before Grace handed out the names?

  25. answer: In regards to what is wrong with him I don't think anyone can answer but it seems this bizarre and reckless behaviour can be traced back to being a good while ago. The Vulture has a timeline of events here. Most of the notable events began recently however during and after the lockdown.

  26. In regards to what is wrong with him I don't think anyone can answer but it seems this bizarre and reckless behaviour can be traced back to being a good while ago. The Vulture has a timeline of events

  27. Some might go out of business but not 90%. It’s true that a lot of Dutch adults don’t smoke cannabis. I stayed with and became friends with a couple in their early 50s that lives on the Amstel near Waterloopein. They didn’t consume and neither did their friends.

  28. 100 of the 166 stores will have to go out of business according to the article so not 90% but certainly a lot.

  29. Aren't the cafes why tourists go in the first place?

  30. I don't think most people realise that the goal is to have no tourists, Amsterdam hates tourists with a passion.

  31. Privacy has multiple meanings. In the meaning used in Roe v. Wade, it means a right to avoid undue government intrusion into one's private decisions.

  32. That still doesn't make sense to me at all, it still doesn't seem to follow.

  33. The argument was it interferes with a medical decision between a woman and her doctor. Obviously such argument wouldn't exist for drug use (outside medicinal drugs).

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