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  1. I'm a liberal . I drink bourbon. My trumpet brother in law drinks bitch whiskey (So comfort). No offense ladies.

  2. What's the point. It won't matter until we stop electing people that want to drag us back to the 1940s. Or until the Koch family is expunged from the world and stop funding self hating neo nazzi politicians

  3. No they're like oh look My libtard uncle. They have to regard to start to being second graders and calling people names. Also a great way to desensitize people to a mass of other people

  4. This guy probably thinks you can be made gay by your up bringing.

  5. I was raised by two lesbians and I'm straight as s***. Wait, does that mean if gay men raised a girl they would be straight??

  6. It's even funnier because being from South Dakota and of an age of 47 I started working at 14 . Minimum wage of 4.25 an hour

  7. Does this mean young kerbals can leave the planet and come back and visit there old children?

  8. I'm not sure how IT dept is for work/life as I don't work in that area, but working for EROS has been pretty great for me personally. The contractor company can change from time to time, as I have worked with Hughes, SAIC, Raytheon, etc in the same job at the Center for the last 25 years. There are also government jobs as well as contractor jobs, so don't forget to look at usa jobs or whatever.

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