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  1. I was diagnosed by my Board Certified Medical Internist. I was also approved for disability with his records. Of course this was in 2010.

  2. Your brother has no idea what he is talking about and needs to be told that. Your mother needs pain relief. We all do on this subreddit. Someone needs to talk to him. His accusations against your mother is most likely making her life and condition that much worse.

  3. Is this the doggie with more clothes than either my spouse and I own? A real cutie! ❤️❤️

  4. Don’t know if they still do this, but at some point I got a call to discuss my case from the Social Security division. That’s when I knew I was getting close. I was approved in 2010 but it was retroactive to 2008 and I received a huge check. Of course the attorney service took a chunk of it. Plus I was automatically put on Medicare.

  5. I take 1200 mg Gabapentin at 5 - 7 pm every day. I couldn’t survive without it. It helps my pain and sleep plus I have SEVERE restless leg syndrome and it stops it very well. I’ve been on this dose for years. I’ve never tried to get off it because why would I? It’s cheap and it works. No side effects for me.

  6. I started at .25 for 2 weeks, then .5 for about 3 weeks, then 1.0 for a month. Now I’m on 2.0 mg. Plan to stay on that for another few weeks then up it again. I’m watching for side effects and so far nothing. But I’ve also had no pain relief as well. I’m willing to go up as high as 4.5 mg and if no bueno, then I’ll probably stop the whole experiment.

  7. He just went thru bladder stone surgery and he is finally getting back to his lovable and happy self.

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