1. I have a white atomizer 2021 batch like you and I have concluded that you get easily nose blinded to this scent in particular.

  2. Usually scents like eros are good for fall and winter cause they are sweet. Light blue is for the summer but if you want to wear it during the winter then I don't see an issue

  3. Same vibe as La Nuit de L'homme. Sweet date frag. Little powdery

  4. It's very similar but I would say la nuit projects much better. Luna Rossa is perfect if you're gonna be close and intimate with someone, it's genuinely a hug fragrances imo

  5. It might be newer bottles, but I can hardly smell Luna rossa black as it is. I only ended up really smelling what it was like when I did 5 sprays on my wrist and let it dry

  6. Fr man, I sprayed my neck three times and didn't even get a scent at all. Only one I picked up was from my wrist that I sprayed 3 times lmao

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