NewJeans - ‘Ditto’ has hit 611 PAKs, and has now surpassed BTS - ‘Dynamite’, thus achieving the most PAKs in history for a song

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  1. This is one of those threads when I realize how strange this sub is. They're gaslighting you, but you're right. They'll go back to posting about not feeling represented or wanted tomorrow, though. Super weird.

  2. Hypothetical question: Would YOU have entered the pageant to represent Miss Coppin State?

  3. Hypothetical this hypothetical that. You still failed to answer what exactly she’s representing within a black space. You 180’d it and blamed the black community. Embarrassing for you.

  4. Exactly! People are using the “well he’s their dad” line for shit behavior. Like we can use that same excuse for Scott Tristan Caitlin etc. Does it make it okay? No and we’re allowed to disagree with it.

  5. i really don’t think that is the point of this sub lol

  6. The point of the sub is to discuss them, which majority of the time includes picking bones with them and analyzing their behavior which we all partake in. Please be serious lol.

  7. He looks like that meme from years ago of that guy with a horrible sock tan line who captioned the photo “ you know I had to do it to em”

  8. I'll never really get why people say she fell off after Gotta Go/Snapping. Her music only got better, she's still pretty popular too. Is it simply because her later releases weren't hits?

  9. I say this because I feel like compared to her beginning era she was everywhere and then after that I rarely see or hear of her songs.

  10. If you’re paying for dash pass, just get a Chase Sapphire card instead, which includes free dash pass. :)

  11. Jessi? You mean the homophobic and racist woman who almost killed her ex manager ? I think she fits right in with Chris brown , Travis Scott and dababy

  12. I agree. The way she still has fans it’s wild to me considering her whole image is a caricaturization of black women.

  13. The Midnight Club on Netflix it has a black female lead and the cast is majority poc. It’s spooky and mysterious.

  14. $50 still seems like too much for a mesh, skintight, see-through dress to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. You literally have no idea where I’m from but thanks for trying to practice your omniscient skills.

  16. she thinks she’s the face of new jeans and are living vicariously through those little girls it’s really strange

  17. Bruh I thought I was the only one! I thought it was strange how she sat on the sidelines of their interview and was being asked questions alongside them. Like I’ve never not once seen a behind the scenes team/ceo of a group speak (other than in documentaries which makes sense).

  18. I don’t disagree with her (there are a lot of strained high notes and ill-fitting rap verses that turn me away from certain songs/artists). But wanting “a world in which music without those elements can exist”… it already exists, ma’am! You’re not inventing anything!

  19. Fr i think she’s confusing the current trend of kpop with the overall. Like everything she said is spot on for the current age but overall that type of music has always existed.

  20. Why is every celebrity nowadays either bleaching or shaving their eyebrows off?

  21. Especially since only so few people can pull it off. And the ones that do look amazing..they must think they’re one of them.

  22. There’s so many play on words and references to the name too! Like it could be interpreted as many things

  23. I was like aww is this a throwback to Stormi?! and I then I caught on and I’m like OMG name and baby reveal!

  24. I hope I’m not the only one thinking this, but is it just me or does every big4 Company except HYBE for 4th Gen just seem to be flopping? Ever since HYBE came on the scene the gap has just been increasing in terms of standards and solid group distribution/likeability.

  25. Also, icons dont need to be so like... referential? You didnt see Marilyn wearing Mae wests old clothes.

  26. Exactlyyy. Like you wouldn’t have to attach yourself if you were already enough as a stand-alone…but you’re not Kimmy. You’re not.

  27. This is lame. A “Stan” doesn’t have to say anything to know that this absolutely is shade. All these women out here getting lip injections before/during/after the Ks and she felt the need to say this? Why didn’t she just say “love yourself because in the future a lot the features you don’t like about yourself will become sought after”. Can y’all please stop being delusional for one second and realize that this was absolutely a dig. Y’all are really obtuse sometimes. And this is coming from a black girl with full lips and beautiful brown skin. I have literally never once been offended by someone getting fucking surgery for anything or even the chicks who use way too much fucking tanner to match my shade (obviously literal black face is different but this sub is so uneducated they don’t even know what the history behind that is). I get more offended by everyone saying “these women want to look black” knowing full damn well not all black women have those features. Fuck, life would be better if people would just stop letting celebrities dictate so much about how they feel about themselves. And please, before someone comments saying “maybe you need to take a break from this sub if you’re this upset”, please take your own damn advice lol

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