1. I have a haworthia like this. It may have been a lot of stress from not being in good conditions. It definitely isn't dead. I have a very brown one like this and it hasn't gone back to it's midtone green, so I'm guessing its a permanent change, but it should still continue to grow. Check your roots too, when I noticed this on my faciata a lot of its roots where dead or disintegrating.

  2. It looks like the lighting is much better now. The etiolation is from an earlier period because the top rosette is pretty tight.

  3. thank you! it was sold to me as a graptosedum california sunset but i forgot to change it :/ LOL

  4. That is exactly what it is. Graptosedum cali sunset is a hybrid of two other species. One of it's major traits is that it flushes red under sun stress, not necessarily from lack of water. I personally never water my Cali sunsets until the lower leaves start to get squishy and in the fall and winter they seem to go dormant as I haven't watered mine in 7 weeks and it's still thriving. (Probably got some water from the light sprinkles we've had.

  5. But fire can actually be blue in real life. Why would that, of all things, take you out of it? Blue fire makes a whole hell of a lot more sense than green or black or purple fire.

  6. Fire can actually be other colors, but it depends on certain chemicals.

  7. There are a couple listings. Saw one for 22 bucks! I dont expect too many kickstarter exclusive LoTR decks to be on ebay any time soon. I think only 2.5k where made and most peopel are probably keeping them (like myself :))

  8. looks less like a tiger and more like TRex lol

  9. They remind me more of shark jaws rather than a tiger. Who ever gave the faucaria the colloquial name of tiger jaw likely never saw a tiger

  10. No offense but that sounds like a nice way of saying you’re against gay ppl. Anyway tho, she prolly has liberal views in other areas we don’t know about. I was just surprised she identifies as liberal when the niqab represents a very conservative view of hijab. Hope I’m not coming off as rude or anything lol. it was wrong of me to assume her views bc of her dress.

  11. Naa ur fine. Not supporting gay sex or wearing a niqab does not make you less of a liberal Muslim. There are many ways to reach a certain conclusion

  12. I think terms like liberal and conservative are highly subjective and relative. That's why I think trying to make informed views, with little bias, is what is needed for society to fix the issues we have. People should try to make sense of Islam and the world in general without any fixation on labels like lib/cons, which can cause controversy.

  13. Definitely agreed. Liberal and conservative are mostly political terms and don't nor should apply to Islamic viewpoints.

  14. Before I answer, let me make it clear that zina, in Islamic law, is penetrative sexual actions. Something can be sinful without being zina. You can commit a sexual crime in Islam without being guilty of zina.

  15. Yes, haram, sin, and impermissible all mean the same thing. So what I'm saying is kissing and other acts of intimacy with someone you're not married to is haram, it's sin, it's not permissible, but it does not fall into the legal category of zina. Practically speaking, this would mean that a judge couldn't have someone lashed for kissing someone, or even for oral sex.

  16. Ahh okay. Just wanted to clarify. I've seen many people on this sub try to separate them as meaning two different things.

  17. Islamically you aren't even required to uphold financial responsibility, everything you commit to providing with your earned money is charity. Which is great and anyone would be blessed to have a wife who's willing to do that, but this seems more like a bit of abuse of your generosity. You have no legal nor Islamic obligation to support your MIL.

  18. It was called Elle of North Beach… When I was 4 she started an optical store for high end eyewear (which wasn’t done in the 70s)…. I’m sitting in one of those stores now ;) I took it over and opened another in the east bay..

  19. Plant identification apps still aren't very accurate, AI isn't really there yet. I've used picturethis and it's wrong half the time, but it usually guesses the genus correctly at least.

  20. It's usually wrong when it's not in the database from my experience

  21. Yeah, unfortunately a lot of cultivars/subspecies/hybrids aren't in these databases

  22. Yea. Early on that app is really good, but as it goes for many who have succulent success, we tend to get into harder, rarer, and more unique succulents and cacti which have virtually no info online.

  23. I am always bit confused when people claim to work with angels. I mean I doubt Gabriel would work with a witch.

  24. (66:6) Believers, guard yourselves and your kindred against a Fire whose fuel is human beings and stones, a Fire held in the charge of fierce and stern angels who never disobey what He has commanded them, and always do what they are bidden.

  25. Yes. religious leaders can be helpful and id still turn to experts when in doubt, but its yours and my responsibility to learn to understand when something feels fishy or untrustworthy. I dont think you should disregard all religious experts as many have spent most of their lives studying the subject, but seeking out knowledge for yourself is just as important.

  26. What? Can't even answer my question... Really only proves that you actually have no valid reason for preferential treatment for a specific ethnic group

  27. Whats the crime here? You can put succulents in terrariums, you just have to be careful about their microclimates, as well as how much you water them

  28. Ebooks are not typefaces. You don't buy typefaces as a learning tool. You are buying licenses to use the product. It's very different than the biz model you are working with

  29. Have you ever heard about Blambot? They have an excelent business model similar to mine for typefaces, better than those guys that think someone is gonna pay 40 bucks for using a typeface for a once in a lifetime personal project.

  30. What's their model. I know they do comic style typefaces, but I know they still cost money. Their model looks more like make the product cheaper to entice more people to buy it. Which makes sense since there are thousands of people creating comic books for fun and/or money

  31. That's normal. It's seasonal variegation. That's kinda where the name chroma comes from. It has this cool splotchy color change that happens. Most variation is year round but some plants like this one get it seasonally or through sun stress(which isn't a bad thing, it's just an internal reaction to being exposed to lots of light)

  32. You may have a bias toward your own parents. Parents should definitely be notified, they are the guardians of the children.

  33. Whatever happened to revealing someone else's sins? Does that not apply here

  34. Yes, same thing as you would report somebody stealing a car. There's context to everything. A parent should know so they may help their children. It would be another thing if they went out through social media and said "Hey I caught my brother x watching inappropriate things".

  35. Ahh ok gotchya. Thanks for the clarity. I guess since these people aren't adults it should still be told to parents but adult kids probably don't need to tell their parents their sins.

  36. could be any kind of damage including bug bites, burn damage, brusing, but regardless its been healed over

  37. too big to be eggs. Most likely Perlite, but this could also a type of hyphae/fungus, but iirc they are usually pretty harmless to succulents, but they can leach nutriets from the soil, which just means less nutriets for your plant. They grow in damp environments, so it could be that your soil is staying wet too long.

  38. Most likely some kind of species of Graptosedum or Graptoveria (hard to say when its this young)

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