1. I couldn’t find a link to the artist website. But their Reddit name is Joldress!

  2. Edoras in the films looked like an RPG village with comically few structures

  3. "Today she killed 2 of my best friends"

  4. Compared to other forms of print media, comic books don't do too well. Even the popular names like DC and Marvel pale in comparison to the manga market. An Arcane comic series would be nice but I'm uncertain how it would fare in sales.

  5. The avatar comics are quite successful. And popular video games/animated series are a great way to get more people into reading comics!

  6. Weevil, I’m almost certain that if Luffy ends up stomping anyone it will be Weevil.

  7. What if Law is a reverse Chekov's gun and he undoes the surgery on someone

  8. What the fuck is a barnes and noble. Sounds like a farmhouse for rich people.

  9. CFYOW is like a holy text with how much lore info is in that thing, yet many have never read it!

  10. This is why I hate Reddit. I haven’t watched this episode yet and all I did was open the app…lol

  11. It’s funny how the various LOTR related forums just copy each others post so blatantly! Lol

  12. I definitely want to explore more of that relationship and history? The music video is almost entirely about Jinx’s relationship with Ekko and Vi. I’m sure the show will expand on it eventually… I hope.

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