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$1,909,026,295,600 in student loan debt. If Biden were to cancel $10k, 32% would have their debt cancelled, but their balances are so low that 96% of the debt would remain. Leaving people $1,832,665,243,776 in debt doesn't solve the crisis. Biden must cancel ALL student debt.

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  1. Nice!!! I use Fandango for all my movie tickets so this will definitely help me out.

  2. We used fandango until I realized the fees they charge are not charged if I walk up to the teenager selling tickets at the theater. Now I get the wife milk-duds with the saved $$ 😃

  3. I don’t buy movie theater food (it’s so overpriced), plus they have the thing where for every 4 tickets or so you get like a $5 code to use.

  4. Damn. Wish I lived in a legal state to take part in this sorta stuff, I’m over the bar scenes.

  5. Yeah def. Anyone in this sub who needs them is welcome.

  6. Their time is coming… Eventually they will get too old or voted out. Either way; we’re in a better spot.

  7. Why not put HA behind a proxy like SWAG and then toss on something like Authelia and use MFA??

  8. Can the Home Assistant app handle the extra auth if you use a reverse proxy with extra auth?

  9. Technically yes you could auth in with Home Assistant but I do not believe HA has a multi factor piece that I know of so it just be password logon which isn’t as secure.

  10. Sweet. Thanks!! Just got my new m1 max yesterday and looking forward to playing a few games.

  11. Wishing my id have gone this route instead of the portable route…

  12. Wish my friends and family paid me for my homegrown. They just kinda expect it but than again they don’t smoke as much as I do.

  13. No issues here. WireGuard working fine connecting to and from road warrior setup.

  14. Was it worth the money?? The OG is way outta price but I can do $100 USD for this one.

  15. I’ve installed a few switches needing neutral wires and I don’t have neutral wires at the switch. I simply ground the neutral wire and leave the ground capped off. Is this ok? The house was built new in 2014 wtf do I not have neutral wires?

  16. This is not a good practice, neutral and ground are not the same thing:

  17. As someone looking to go no till, can you give some details about your setup and the pipes around it for example?

  18. We already knew his stance on this. He just needs to hurry up and croak.

  19. What AC unit you go with? I need to get one by next grow; this southern heat and humidity ain’t no joke either.

  20. Mandatory retirement needs to be instated for these plebs that want to suck the life out of people. 62 comes and they go. No need for a 78 year old to be working at that level. Sick fck.

  21. What size tent is that? I like that rack you got in there. Where you pick it up?

  22. I’d wait and see if your clones take root before you flip. You might want to hang onto that strain if it’s something you really like.

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