1. you know i just bought a punch of GE to get back the SL i just lost (not fucking spending it on this scam) but now i wish i hadnt, im done with war thunder. if gaijin do this on a regular basis and the community just lets it happen its clear the game will only get worse from here.

  2. spent 3mil sl, so far got 2 april fool profile picture and 2 500k sl, also missed the object 279 for a few milimeters (was crying inside, yeah I know that once you open the case you'll get a specified item no matter how close other are)

  3. Mostly junk, Sl, sl boosters, good wagers and backups have all been reduced compared to the last boxes.

  4. As fun as it is your nuts for not selling it. Regardless you are extremely lucky, if you think another 100 million will get you more most likely not.

  5. I couldn't even if i wanted to, i got a chest with either 1 mil sl or the vt 1-2 and i got the vt, double luck if you think about it

  6. Do a search on here they are tons of posts on this, some I've typed up. Start in AB anyways, bit easier.

  7. You can do them in 3d but you still have to do some things/understand the 2d aspect.

  8. Hasnt been that bad for me lately but in the past yes. Have you updated drivers and all the standard stuff?

  9. Yeah all that's up to date.not sure iff it's because I'm on a it cpu heavy ?

  10. If you have a 3080 laptop that is plenty of power and has nothing to do with it.

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