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  1. This is awesome. Inspired for my Krieg now. Love the exhaust on the side as the originals were always a bit too stealthy. Any chance we can see some pics of the back and trench rails?

  2. Looking good! Now to print the rest of the squad. I can get 4 death riders on at a time on my Mars Pro.

  3. I downloaded it! I sent you a pm with it. If anybody else wants it, let me know.

  4. if elon rode in on his golden horse we'd all just flip the tendies right back into TSLA

  5. I have a HyperX Cloud Flight (non Xbox version). When plugged in the dongle flashes as if it's connecting to the headset, but it doesn't seem to be recognised by the console.

  6. Managed to pick up a couple of Matchbox MBX Wild sets for £5 each, so have. A couple of trailers and plenty of spare cars (even if some are pretty out of scale).

  7. I don't know much about finding trailers in that scale. but if you have the patience and craftsmanship, they're really easy to make. just some sheets of styrene, tubing, some spare wheels you might have.

  8. I've got some styrene tubing and the implements of carnage set, so I'll give it a go!

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