Went to a weed event at a waterpark and this is my free haul of weed products(each joint holder at 2-3 prerolls)

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  1. Your ability to identify this at your age speaks volumes on its own buddy. You have the will, you have the drive and reason to stop, now it’s just about charging those behaviors and habits that go with the carts. Maybe losing the plugs number or blocking him so you don’t know when carts are available. Try finding another outlet to let that stress out, for me working out at the gym and talking to healthy like minded people helped more than any medication or drug ever did. It’s about changing your routine also even though it’s just a damn thc cart. I’m sure there are things you just associate hitting your cart with so try something new. You got this. 🤙🙏🫡✌️

  2. Used to follow tegridy, was unsure if they were fully legit but seeing this is dope. Lost his info 😢

  3. Hash all day but flower for the “tolerance” refresher. I love the taste and high of good hash but love all the cannabinoids in good flower. 🤙✌️

  4. Jesus bro, I was a fan before the game but bro is sooooooo lane now it’s unreal. Went pop and turned weak af.

  5. Yo I just made a fire sandwich just like this yesterday and literally thought this gotta be my best one yet while high lmao. Roast beef, provolone, mayo, mustard and pickles on toasted bread. Mannnnn 🔥🧙‍♂️

  6. Aweeee man you toasted it 😂😂 not gon lie I was originally supposed to add bananas to these sandwiches and have two separate ones, my high ass was jus thinkin bout how good the shii was Rey be and started eating

  7. Yes bro the bread only but soooo fire. Bananas huh?! There’s this place that makes a peanut butter banana burger and it’s the absolute best damn thing I’ve ever had.

  8. There is a website (someone assist here please) that is essentially a $15 cap that you can put on any 510 threaded battery. So kinda what you are asking for.. i wanna say ooze or something like that is the website.

  9. I also looked back at some of my pickups, look out for their Crystallized (contraband x runtz x g Mac), Grapes of Wrath (if you enjoy grape terps), and Private Legend 🔥

  10. Nice dude yeah all are available with my vendor and at $60 a g on the east coast. Probably much more than you’re paying?

  11. Just avoid it dude. I promise you that nothing good will ever come from cocaine in general but with a heart problem you definitely don’t want to enter that world. If you do decide to, just know you CAN NOT let yourself do it several days in a row cause it’ll be on after that. She’s a bitch and I wish I personally hadn’t tried it but hey you’re young bro. Just be careful please.

  12. They’re making a 3D for the og. I’ll look which company it is again but it’s out there Edit: 3grams was making then but I don’t see them on the site, could just be my phone.

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