1. My mom told me she never sleep trained me. Do I believe her? I have no idea. She said I went to sleep and stayed asleep pretty easily

  2. Is this absolutely tone deaf to anyone else? A Christian school just got shot up and 6 people (3 children) murdered and you’re posting about…….. a first trimester miscarriage? Read the room. If she gave a shit about children and protecting innocent lives she would be using her platform to advocate against gun violence, the leading cause of child and teen death in this fucking country

  3. Don’t forget her husband shot her dog. She is definitely pro-guns. She doesn’t care if innocent children get murdered

  4. His personality isn’t really my cup of tea, however I don’t think he is physically unattractive. I mean Irina basically called it quits when she saw him, but his looks aren’t what would have made me run. He seems to be very insecure about his childhood and upbringing and I think he’s a man that needs a lot of reassurance. He uses his occupation to make up for his lack of confidence but unfortunately he doesn’t do a good job. I feel bad for him because I think he has potential if he just took the time to work on himself, maybe go to therapy

  5. Agreed! And on Shaw in Sask Tuesday’s and Thursday’s episodes aren’t on until 11! So I can’t even watch the eviction the night it airs. 👎🏼

  6. I don’t watch them until the next day anyway because it’s right around bedtime for my baby.

  7. They're actually not horrible, I totally understand if you are boycotting them, but if not I will say at least what they are giving us, does at least contribute to the game, or have entertainment value as opposed to what they could be giving us.

  8. Not boycotting them, just don’t really have an interest in watching them/forget about them

  9. Remember when she said she trained A (and I think M) to stay in their rooms until she came and got them in the morning? They were much younger at that time. Now she’s going to do it to L. So sad. She only puts M in the tent so that he can’t get out and she can have her precious girl time with A. L is the same age as my baby, L might have started crawling or moving around a lot. I mean, she could have just bought a crib…

  10. I don’t understand why everyone is playing Zach’s game. It’s gross. He’s going to run the house for a long time if people don’t start playing their own game

  11. I always felt this way since BBCAN1. I just tend to ignore it. This year they’ve got: Winners Hello Fresh Shark

  12. Brita, I think the first episode(? maybe?) when they were all day around the table one of the girls filled up another's glass of water and was like "lemme just get that with the BRITA FILTER" and it zoomed in on it lmao

  13. What …. What ?? Stop being a hater go outside take a deep breath. If it really upsets you with what’s happening in this video then perhaps you should pick up a book and turn off social media

  14. Her house is a disaster, it’s dirty and she has stuff all over the place, she should be cleaning instead of dancing provocatively in front of her toddlers

  15. So I use to sell stuff in the uk . And some of the houses was really really horrible. Kids in shitty nappies fyckin houses was horrible , no food in the house just empty cans of strong cider and weed .I haven’t seen inside her house , and I guess I like a woman who can dance ….. that’s it . I try not to be a hater,and I’m not a racist if I don’t like someone it’s not the colour it’s because your a twat ( Not you ) .I was bullied at school, beat up because my mum didn’t have anything that’s why I made a comment about people being haters , life’s to fyckin short .( Sorry about grammar and full stops)

  16. Well in her case, her apartment is a filthy mess (you can look at her TikTok to see it) and she likely has empty bottles of whiskey laying around and the cereal that was spilled on the floor weeks ago is probably still there. She neglects the boy (M) by leaving him trapped in a tent all night long and letting him smash his teeth out on a mantle. She only favours her 2 girls.

  17. Everything came as expected. I surprisingly like the lip mask, smells like white chocolate imo. It’s not sticky at all. I already know I like the FAB facial pads. The rest I will have to try out

  18. Amanda very much gives me Trumpette vibes tho

  19. Closet Trumpette. But John would have never went for her if she came out. She changed up her entire life for this man

  20. When Uber first started, tips were not expected and there was nowhere on the app to actually tip. But that’s when Uber paid their drivers fairly. Now they want drivers to rely on tips for their income

  21. There was a pic of her posted in the comments maybe 1 month ago. Don't have more details than that but she was lean. Actually quite impressive

  22. So is she planning on going after Fox News now for cyber bullying? I’m sure her lawyers are SO pumped!

  23. Do we know when the last baby actually left their care? And what happened to it? She didn’t show that baby nearly as much as the first one

  24. Mine is 5 but I haven’t used Uber in 3 years. I don’t know if Uber Eats drivers rate the customers or not?

  25. Cannot believe these people own a “health and wellness” brand. Zero healthy habits with bodies jacked up on PEDs and their nasty, chemical filled products. And all I see is them feeding the kids copious amounts of sugar, alani bars and cake pops.. like

  26. What academic performance? She doesn’t teach those kids anything academic. Axel can barely even string together a 5 word sentence

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