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  1. Last time I was in a mixed episode I went to the ER because my medication was a big trigger (severe heartburn and hiccups that caused me to lose sleep and couldn’t eat, triggered hypomania), as well as other reasons similar to now. Actually, my stressors now are the worst it’s ever been in my adult life. Couldn’t get family doctor or psychiatrist to help me. In the ER, they confirmed I was definitely mixed, but wanted to send me home because I never had an attempt before. Actually, I made my first attempt at the hospital because they were sending me home without any help.

  2. I hear you and that all sounds very frustrating! I just don't want you to be alone while you're feeling like this. Can you go hang out with somebody you are close with? A family member or a friend?

  3. Fortunately I have my boyfriend living with me. It’s just tough when he has to leave the house

  4. Thank you ❤️ It might sound kinda akward, but this is my "best friend". Reliable and loyal 😊 in times I get deeply hurt by people I care and I need to hide " in my shell" , he is who is still nearby. And in times I feel alone, at least I have someone who is still close so I dont feel that alone on my journey to happier and helathier life ❤️

  5. I understand. I have a stuffed tiger : ) i like to cuddle it when i feel alone or stressed, etc..

  6. Thank you for expressing yourself in a respectful way, but I peacefully disagree with you.

  7. It sounds a lot like my family bro. I wish I could give you advice but I really don't know what we're supposed to do in these situations. I'm just trying to maintain my own sanity and not feel like less of a human.

  8. Exactly. I tried to remind myself which facts are true and which things are made up by them, because my family will always make it seem like it is my fault and like they had little to no involvement in anything going on. I even tried to have a talk with one of my family members so that we could avoid getting into fights and saying things that hurt each other, and they gaslit me and said other inappropriate things to get out of it. I then told them I respected their decision and now I'm pretty sure they're pissed at me. It seems like if I stand up for myself all it results in is anger on their part. It's really sad that I can't be my true self around them. They don't want you to be free you know?

  9. You look like a 70s folk singer and I am very into it! Also your hair is so gorgeous on you

  10. It sounds like you're being triggered by your loneliness and also the fact that it is summer. Me too girl me too. I am very lonely this summer as well due to falling out with friends, unrelated to alcohol, but still ends in the same thing, loneliness. Yesterday I was going to go do some drawing outside and I could hear that there was a concert or some music going on in town. I wanted to go over there and check it out but I also at the same moment felt really sad and then I didn't want to go. In that moment I thought, if I could bring some booze with me to the music thing, I would feel totally comfortable and relaxed. I felt like if I walked over there without any booze, in my sober mind I would just feel like a loser and an outcast. The brain can be kind of brutal sometimes. Then I felt intensely lonely and I was thinking about how drinking would make me feel better. I didn't end up drinking because at least in that moment I was able to ask God for strength, but the Temptation is very real. I'm saying all this not to just talk about myself but because I wanted to let you know that I can relate to you a lot and I know how it is. It really sucks. Even though drinking might make us feel better in a certain moment, it is also highly likely that we will end up making an ass of ourselves and also end up with a killer hangover with lots of shame and regret. So it can make us more depressed as well. I try to remind myself of these things so that I don't make drinking the answer.

  11. It's weird how the last name and the signature is missing several of the letters to make the name Brockovich. For example, it doesn't end in an H

  12. If it’s plaguing your mind, you can always look up signatures and compare.

  13. Are you laughing or are you excited to have found it? And didn't really understand your emotion

  14. I'm crying of joy but laughing at the fact that I'm crying over a skull. I'm really not emotional. I never cry at movies. Not even when dogs die. But this? God this caught me off-guard!

  15. That is definitely what is happening but to me it also looks like a human that is falling over backwards

  16. Lol I think I see it. The person is walking to the right. The trunk is the left leg, tripping over something, the right leg is kicking out towards us and back, the right arm is raising towards the sky, and the left arm is reaching out in front about to embrace for the fall lol. The way the branch come out between the two arms makes it look like there is a head too!

  17. You're right it's not a chicken yet but it has everything it needs to become a chicken and it is growing into a chicken. A chick is just a chicken without the en. A baby is just a human that can't support itself yet on its own.

  18. An egg is not a chick, though. An embryo or fetus is not a baby. You're right that it could be a baby, but it isn't yet.

  19. They're all part of the same process. Life begins at conception. It doesn't matter that they still have more to grow.

  20. A weird video to not have sounds on oh. I mean lions are cute and everything but what was the point of the title LOL

  21. That's so weird, on my smartphone it says no sound for this video. What are you using?

  22. Hey... this isn't normal. Cats panting like that (tongue out and all) can be an indicator of serious issues. Unfortunately the issues are numerous and can't be narrowed down easily by people on the internet. Check with the vet even if this was a 1-2 time occurrence.

  23. Update they are edible and I don't like them which isn't surprising since I don't like many berries, so I put the rest in the bird feeder because they can have them.

  24. Rehab can be a really good boot camp to teach you how to maintain your sobriety and everything, so I say go for it!

  25. Oh my goodness I never see these posted on here! It's a kitten's ear plant. I have one too 🙀

  26. I think it's important to pay attention to electrolytes as well. At least that's what I'm trying to do and I don't usually feel dehydrated

  27. When you say you don't engage with the feelings of sadness and hopelessness, what does that mean.? Do you just realize they're there but don't do anything beyond that like try to address them?

  28. I think that's the best way to characterize it. Most of the things I'm sad about are outside of my control (probably where the hopelessness comes from). And so I don't dwell on those feelings or do much about them (other than listen to what my family calls "sad music").

  29. You'd be surprised about the power music has on your psyche. Listening to music that is sad when you are sad might feel right in the moment, but it can actually make you feel sadder for longer and leave you in an overall slump.

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