1. I don’t think he’s put enough evidence on his resume as an OC to get a HC job for another couple of years.

  2. Drops like these in the playoffs are especially gut wrenching, but you can never count on a DB catching a ball anyways.

  3. You absolutely should be able to count on a DB catching this ball, as you and me and everyone on here with two hands could make that catch.

  4. Shanahan is a good coach, he’s just a choker on the big stage. He’s this generations Marty Schottenheimer.

  5. Best overall back and didn't even get a Pro Bowl (although that's not hard to believe, because the Pro Bowl is a joke). And not even a 2nd team All-Pro.

  6. Sure thing Joe. The Niners will just cut a few important contributors to free up the 20 million per year it would take to re-sign Jimmy instead of playing the guy they're paying like 700k who's better than Jimmy. Makes sense.

  7. As a Rams fan, I admit that I fear JG the most of those three. Would be happy if the niners cut him loose.

  8. You're in luck. He's an unrestricted free agent. There's no decision to make by SF.

  9. I can't think of a former 49er great who seems less invested in the team's success than Joe. He couldn't even root against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl a few years ago. And it's obvious he barely pays attention. He's like the polar opposite of Jerry.

  10. I don't think Kaepernick works as a comparison. Purdy is already better at going through his reads than Kaepernick ever was. Kaepernick never really improved as a passer, and the league caught on to his strengths and weaknesses as a runner after being taken by surprise at first, so he regressed every year. Purdy has work to do, but he's further along in his development than most of the recently drafted QBs. I'm not saying he'll ever be elite or that his ceiling is very high, but it's perfectly reasonable to see him becoming a top 10 or borderline top 10 QB. SF can win a Super Bowl with that.

  11. Plus it’s not like we know how to use first rounders anyway lately lol (aside from Bosa, but that was easy) 😂

  12. Even if you're half kidding, this is an important point. The roster has been built off of day 2 and 3 picks, plus UDFAs, free agency, and trades. They've been objectively bad at drafting in the 1st (other than the obvious Bosa pick that everyone would have made).

  13. Unimpressive measurables (like Brady), plus he regressed some after his excellent sophomore year. It's hard to scout intangibles.

  14. 9ers. Didn’t everyone retire and Harbaugh left after 2014? 3 straight NFCCG appearances, 1 SB appearance, then just the entire team and staff gone.

  15. Kind of. 2014 wasn't a successful season. They fell off and finished at 8-8. Then all these horrible things happened, like career ending injuries, crazy arrests, retirements, etc. It all just fell apart. Hiring a-Mario didn't help either.

  16. The theme of this team is to be more physical than any other team in the league. And they are, which is awesome. Except it's going to result in more injuries than most teams. The 49ers will always be in the bottom half for injuries because of this. We just have to hope it doesn't happen to the QB's again next year.

  17. I still hate the Seahawks the most because of their lame fans, but not as much ever since Russell Wilson left. He's the most irritating player in the NFL. There aren't any teams that I don't mind succeeding (you should hate every team in your division), but the one I would care the least about is Arizona.

  18. Eagles fans are so much worse than Chiefs fans (who became pretty insufferable overnight after they won the Super Bowl). I've never seen a fan base brag so much about beating a team with no QB. And then there's the quote from Fred Warner's wife about her experience in Philadelphia. Go Chiefs, I guess.

  19. Technically true. If you get shot, you won't die. That could come in handy, especially if you hang out in Marvin Harrison's neighborhood.

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