TRO Hearing Notes | 1.26.23 | Koons/Siegel Carry Lawsuit vs State of NJ

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  1. That does not hold true when speaking about an enumerated amendment in the constitution. Also, an argument would be the 14th amendment( equal protection) nj’s ban were not legitimate prior to bruen and much less after

  2. Right now, the magazine in the assault weapon ban cases have been consolidated only for the discovery phase wants to discovery phase has been completed. The judge will make a determination if those cases should be consolidated or separate. Most likely it’s going to be years before there’s any type of ruling that will materially impact any of us.

  3. Thank you, my hope still is they only consolidate discovery as the original magazine ban has been fully litigated and is 5 years old already. All 2a case are of importance of course but I have a special interest in the mag ban specifically. Again thanks for the update, this isn’t the first time you have replied with useful information and it’s greatly appreciated.:upvote:

  4. How long are they asking for the discovery phase this time. How long before he “revisits this”. The needless delays on the case are bs!

  5. While I do not own a sig rifle yet, I would definitely give them points for the buffer less operating system. Virtus and up.

  6. Easily removed with a drill press and milling bit. When NJ assault weapons ban is ruled unconstitutional my welded pins are history.

  7. That’s why I said readily as in something that can’t just be taken of and put back on in the field. Making it harder to mess around. I agree nj is bullshit. No one should have to do anything. In my eyes the NFA is crap too. SBR’s are no More dangerous than 16” rifles. And much less concealable than ar pistols which are legal in most states

  8. How are you removing a pressed in pin without a weld in the field? Pulling out a portable hand crank drill?

  9. Sorry what’s that? Ask me anything?. I would love to. I would like to do anything to get exposure that may lead to help. I have what I feel are good attorneys but would like to find someone that specializes in 2a to look for more avenues. I have stuck to my beliefs throughout this entire process and it has cost a lot. More than financial. Any tips on how to start something would be appreciated. I’m not very versed on using Reddit

  10. I'm just catching up on your story; it's a story that really needs to be told since there's so much, as you well know, complaints against LEO exceptions. To just catch a taste of what you've been going through, and the effect on your career.

  11. I don’t even know how to change my name on this from. Competitive unit to anything else

  12. Stop all This nonsense. Let us have rights to carry. Own mags of 15. This is sooo stupid already. Fighting for every right. 40other states are ok w it

  13. I’ll disagree but to each their own. 5 rounds and it won’t be white either. Not to mention just from your hands if you’re seriously going to do any kind of training on it and it’s the first thing anyone will see god forbid it’s used in i defensive scenario.

  14. Thanks for asking. 1 year probation with possibility of early termination at 6 months. Intent to appeal already filed. Either nj magazine ban is declared unconstitutional or I go through with the appeal that will probably take 2-3 years.

  15. If it is declared unconstitutional which seems likely but this is New Jersey, do you think you'll get your job back?

  16. That is the only reason I am going to loose it. Nothing is a certainty and it will be a fight but that is my hope

  17. You are correct. There is now no longer a distinction between Involuntary or Voluntary commitment. For those reading this who aren't aware, previously self commitment required basically a doctor's note certifying that you no longer have an issue. It now requires expungement the same as if you were involuntarily committed.

  18. I want a switchblade and the right to carry a knife!!!

  19. Knives are also covered by the second amendment. The right to bare ARMS, not firearms. It covers anything held for use in offense and or defense

  20. Yes …..BUT a judge must order that you don’t think New Jersey democrats are going to do the right thing do you

  21. They won’t change until the courts make it crystal clear that they will abolish all unconstitutional laws. Even then they probably still will because in the time it takes courts to act the laws have time to infringe. Most importantly because of all the $$$$ thrown their way by they left and socialists

  22. Fuck the police in this state. I’m sure there are good ones, but I feel no shame in that blanket statement.

  23. One, as a law enforcement officer in this state I take a considerable amount of offense to your opening remark, that was completely uncalled for. Two, as an officer period I am disgusted by the PBA’s position on the second amendment. Officers in every state, that I am aware of, swear an oath to the United States Constitution. That is not something I take lightly at all. I feel that politicians, law enforcement, and any other position or service should face impeachment or removal the second they knowingly break the oath. The country has already removed the very mention of god from schools and taken away so much more, while adopting radical new views as acceptable. Why not just remove the oath all together. If it means nothing to the people in power, what is the point?

  24. Then put your money where your mouth is and don't do a job that infringes on people's constitutional rights if it's so important to you. NJ is a corrupt state full of tyrants and you are their military arm. I know this is kind of a wild statement but just bear with me.

  25. You shouldn’t classify a single person because of a group he belongs too. I have fought more than anyone I know, when it comes to 2a rights for you and your conservative friends. In 2018 I was probably the first officer in the state to be charged w the new high capacity magazine law. I was offered PTI with complete dismissal of the charges and have turned it down based on the principle that the law is wrong and unconstitutional. We were and are a single earner family and I have been suspended without pay pending termination since. I have a wife and two beautiful daughters living in nj. On December 16th of this year I will be sentenced and officially become a felon and start the appeal process to further fight this, unless ANJRPC wins before I do. This has been my biggest fight of my life. Can you say the same? If you think I’m exaggerating or kidding all are welcome to join my family on December 16th at 830 in Morris county.

  26. The new conference date was set for. 11/28 at 11:30am. The earlier conference was adjourned at the request of the plaintiffs attorney, due to a family matter. Fingers crossed, the outcome is long overdue, and never should have been remanded by the circuit court. Only reason I see for it is to keep the precedent in nj and not across the entire circuit so they can keep playing games

  27. Canada doesnt have the second amendment and trudeu said the law was going too slow thru parlament so he just did it because he can which is what democrats politicians wanna do here but cant

  28. Exactly my point. However Biden has already enacted unconstitutional “rules”. Yes the second protects us but it isn’t immediately and it doesn’t stop some dems from doing what they want, kicking the can down the road and then enacting further unconstitutional rules. As seen in NY concealed carry improvement act.

  29. It only applies to handguns because they already banned the scarier ones. This is move tests the temperature. If the people allow it the next logical steps are mandatory registrations, buy backs, finally complete disarmament for all but the criminals

  30. Same deal here. I’m in the us and ordered from UK. Hopefully we’ll see a class action suit against them.

  31. Is UPNP turned off in router settings. It should be. Make sure upnp is off and still has 44158 open

  32. I wonder if there is a legal recourse for back payment. We are providing the services for the network.

  33. No helpful info is out on Ortex yet, I'll post when there is. We have T+2 until we'll see results.

  34. FYI, I'll have mines in the beacon complex in jersey city. Will yours be close?

  35. I don’t believe so. I have a satellite office for a construction company in Jersey city that I may look into but that is it in jc

  36. Also getting a mobile router to have back up options for places w optimum. Have had them for 20+ years or Cablevision. Glad I’m finally going

  37. I suspect in theory if you introduce a splitter you could connect both antennas to one hotspot. However I’d be concerned about interference between the two antennas. In any case, what do you hope to achieve?

  38. Two different cone widths to cover area better. I understand the higher dbi the further the signal but can miss closer miners

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