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  1. I’m in Australia and run my own additive manufacturing startup. I’d ask to be sent the part, I’d scan it using a metrological grade 3D scanner, performance any mesh cleanup / model it parametrically if we wanted to modify it down the line, then send it to slicer software to prepare the code for the printers. Then I’d walk you through the material selection, recommend a material based on cost and mechanical properties, then hit print. If it was a composite nylon / carbon fibre print you are looking at maybe $20-$50 shipped excluding design hours which are billable but not stupid high like these CNC shops. Don’t CNC these parts, print them in metal or a composite. Not some shitty ABS plastic. DM me if interested.

  2. Ok so here’s my $0.02. Two types of bad shit. Nanoparticles and particles. FDM printers kick up particles mostly, easily filtered with HEPA standard 10+ systems (your Samsung purifiers and Dyson towers ect). Resin printing is mostly shit that’s sub one micron which is HEPA 13’s lower limit kinda. For comparison your resin printer probably has a x axis travel of 50 micron. Is it actually going to kill you? No. It is a great idea to expose yourself to it for extended period when you could filter it out? No. Dyson released a tower which adds an extra filtration step for formaldehyde which is the main one of this tiny shit I’m talking about. Will it be perfect? No. Put your printers near / at a windows. Put a fan pushing the air out the window. If you really want, get a HEPA filter either as a cabinet or a standalone. Then next level is this formaldehyde jazz. Enjoy. Also wear a mask when going up close and gloves. But a normal sized room with window and fan is going to be absolutely fine.

  3. What makes me happy is being woken up by dogs and birds in my new rental rather than the 2am domestic arguments next door at my old one.

  4. I enjoy being able to easily reach all the different parts/cables without having to remove something else that might be covering it, if that makes sense. In a more extreme example would be the Sliger Cerberus X. Basically the same volume but I would need to remove the ATX power supply to get at the cpu or ram or EPS cables.

  5. Portability of SFF cases seems to keep popping up and this surprises me. Do you know people that would transport their PC around with them a decent amount? There’s some treatment we do to microcontroller PCBs when they are put in high shock locations. You sort of lock all the surface mount components in place with an epoxy so they don’t shear off, then it’s suspended in a foam to minimise shock and then encased in a hard shell for water and dust proofing.

  6. I don't know anyone who transports long distances. but even just moving out somewhere else in the room/home for cleaning is transport I think.

  7. Oh right, I wonder if existing cases would be designed for the extra weight of a water cooling loop. Do you notice any flex or sketchy noises when moving it around? That carry handle would be quite useful, especially if it was integrated into the chassis in a sleek way. The DA2 frame itself is kind of a carry handle but I wouldn’t trust thousands of dollars with 2.5mm stainless steel over a 300mm expanse. Good info

  8. This tickles an itch I didn’t know I had. The idea of sleeper builds and hotrod PCs opens up design to a whole other avenue, away from the clean and enclosed world of mass production and into the bespoke.

  9. I approve. Could you provide more details on your water cooling setup and why you went that way?

  10. Wait so it’s a Razer blade but it has preinstalled software? That’s not a product launch that’s a bundle sale lmao

  11. Aight so, DDR5 is a meme currently with supply and demand, CL16 3600MHz DDR4 is your target for AMD (infinity fabric blah blah just trust me I’m the IT department of a startup) otherwise looser CL18 3600-3800 for Intel is best price / performance. You are only ram bandwidth bottlenecked in complex FEA or fluid sim for CAD and I assume you’d be using Fusion 360 (but correct if I’m wrong) which pushes that to cloud.

  12. I’m gonna kiss you on the fuckin mouth. THANK YOU. This is exactly what I needed. I’m gonna dm you for your cash app lmao [SOLVED]

  13. Footnote for the emotionally invested: custom water loops are absolutely not needed until you get down to 5-8L volume cases where airflow is genuinely choked off around the botherboard. Your VRMs and M.2 NVMe SSD will probably start to do weird shit if you dump your GPU heat into your case with no exit. You can get a PCIe riser / extension and change orientation of your GPU to push air out of case where possible.


  15. And 500 photos is a lot. I captured the head of an engine block to within 1mm volumetric accuracy using my iPhone 13 as a camera, and Zephr 3D, about 250 photos and an 8 core laptop similar to the above. You can get insane results if you learn about the setup, and how to use your software efficiently and not waste compute on reconstructing the concrete floor your object was sitting on for instance.

  16. Another way of putting it is, you get nonlinear improvements to your quantity and accuracy in location of features extracted from each photo by correcting the above errors. If you feed your software a blurry mess, with lens distortion, chromatic aberration and vignette, you will get garbage feature extraction. You could double your photos, to get double the features, but it doesn’t really work like that. The process after feature extraction is feature matching between photos, and if your photos are trash you won’t match anything. To simplify, the quality of photos and the errors thereof are COMPOUNDED at each stage in the photogrammetry process. Get these right first.

  17. Go to settings > performance > enhanced graphics down the bottom, turn off. Welcome.

  18. Don’t fall for the ‘certified hardware’ meme my dude. If you aren’t a massive company where a laptop is a tax write off, you want a fast SSD, a discrete GPU for visualisations and a CPU with a high single core clock speed because SolidWorks is predominantly single threaded. You can’t afford ECC memory, a Xeon CPU and a Quadro for 1700 euros and it would be stupid to try and get an old model just so it’s certified. ‘Specviewperf’ as a benchmark tests consumer hardware against professional CAD applications, so you can quantify my statements by googling that benchmark and digging. Personally, I run a Razer Blade Advanced 15 that I got in an EOFY sale to eliminate that Razer markup. The Gigabyte Aero 15 / 17 lineup is good also. You can get a Razer Blade Pro 17 that is 2 years old at your local PC hardware distributor almost certainly for around your price tag. Look for a RTX 2070, 2080, 3060, 3070 or 3080. Look for 32GB of ram, you need it for FEA. Good luck, and you can PM me a link of what you are considering if you like. I’ve built 8 computers in my life and I’m 22 so I know this field.

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