1. My 6th grade Science teacher, Mr. Zoloki. He gave me a newfound appreciation of biology &chemistry, which carried over to my 36 year career working in a lab. Although it was an industrial lab for a vegetable oil refinery, my knowledge in algebraic formulas helped get me promoted. On December 15th, I retired. My Zoloki was the first person I thought of at that moment.

  2. I think it was dragged down. No one really knows how she sank, but most believe she ice collected on her decks and forced her under, which would explain the remarkable state of preservation.

  3. Remarkable on how well-preserved. I saw the previous post of ship they brought to surface and immediately rotted.

  4. Frank Hoffman is a villain in my opinion. He destroyed a piece of history from a time from which there are few other survivors. He also irreparably damaged two other intact wrecks (the Jennibel and the Erie L. Hackley) for his own selfish wants. At least the wrecks are state owned now.

  5. It's why no divers are allowed near Edmund Fitzgerald. It's intact and out of respect for the 29 brave sailors, should remain that way!

  6. I love stuff like this. There are probably other places that would claim to be where rock began, but good for Ohio for sticking a sign in the ground!

  7. Probably why Alan Freed isn't more well-known is his involvement in "Payola Scam " of record companies paying dj's to play certain records. It basically, killed his career!

  8. Yes, but the Payola went on for a very long time!

  9. Not only that, but I pretty certain part of the reason Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was built in Cleveland was due to extreme ballot stuffing!

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