1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh because Russia genuinely assumed that Ukrainians wouldn't use mines for 11 months which they did out of dignity for their people, children and animals.

  2. The US is an interesting country. Its the most capitalistic place on earth, yet when a freedom loving democracy answers the call to arms, they will run through fire and give weapons for free.

  3. Alternatively, it could be GLSDBs...

  4. I'm really content with the GLSBD. Its exactly what Ukraine needs, and will provide deep strike capabilities β€” much cheaper that ATACMS and also available in quantity!

  5. I'm starting to strongly suspect that US and EU have bated Putin into a suicidal offensive by delivering tanks while creating an illusion of disunity.

  6. So Abramovich cries to Putin about being ripped off by Kolomoisky, but the old man needs the EU to save his ass?

  7. That won't happen. America is unwilling to commit them due to tech falling into russias hands.

  8. I don't get this argument tbh. Switzerland is buying F-35s, yet nobody ever asks any questions about where our operational safety level lies. Germany will buy them despite having an ex-chancellor involved in a shady gas deal.

  9. The US is simply using their time-proven info strategy. First deny that anything is being done, while preparations are made. Let Russian analysts prematurely declare victory (Bakhmut captured 50 times, Sieverodonetsk captured 100 times, Popasna 5 times etc). Then "yield" to pressure from popular opinion.

  10. The Chinese are right, the US should stop sending weapons β€” but only when Russia decides to treat international rules about sovereignty and human rights seriously.

  11. I guess this is basically why Ukraine will win. An integrated command and control structure, 24/7 monitoring, heavy gun fire, advanced weapons against crude human wave style offensives.

  12. Hes not sitting 40 feet away from them and not wearing a bullet proof vest . 1st thoughts

  13. You gotta love Vitaly Kim though. North Korean by decent, entrepreneur by profession, and Ukrainian hero by chance. Quite a crazy life story, but also an inspirational figure.

  14. OP these are advanced and rare questions on this thread. Yes theosis is a very important Byzantine doctrine which includes Katharsis, and Theosis. However, I'd say your best bet would be to read LΓ©onid Ouspensky the meaning of Icons. Then compare to Potebnja!

  15. Yeah but what's the other outcome in a 2 party system?

  16. those would need to be nominated though, and I have not that high hopes in either party to actually do so.

  17. Joking aside, Ukrainian soldier has a point. Goats like cows depend on farmers to be milked, and despite Russian propaganda, in Zaporizhnya and Kherson there were actual gunfights over combines, tractors and livestock (which Russia often lost).

  18. The speed of the shrapnel at :38 tells me that none of the people videoing are in a safe range. Damn.

  19. Neither Roosevelt, Churchill, De Gaule, Bush or Obama, ever went to a seriously dangerous front to move men forward. Stalin, Hitler and Putin never went either. Even Roman soldier emperors stayed behind.

  20. Their common goal is to leave this god forsaken planet for good πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. I hate Kadyrov but he is right. Russians razed Grozny to the ground, annihilated families and killed Dudayev. It was unforgivable, and it still hurts. Even Russian generals disagreed, but were killed.

  22. A french aristocrat called Astolphe de Custine wrote an entire book about Russia's failures in 1839, and surprisingly everything he said still applies.

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