1. People don't necessarily understand the situation in Donbas. Yes, there were "advances". But Russia lost most of its DNR and LNR forces, with around 25 BTGs outside of Izyum. The offensive ground down the Russian army's Wagner group, VDV units and Spetsnaz.

  2. Hilariously, Russians put Steven Segal in the same room that Putin visited in Moscow 😂😂😂

  3. The Russian state is cracking down on people leaving for a reason, they want to prevent it, anybody arguing for helping the Russian state in preventing it's manpower fleeing is either stupid or covertly actively helping the Russians.

  4. imagine how much worse its going to be winter, cant imagine to many of them are actually going to be getting proper winter clothing

  5. Its gonna be carnage in winter. From what vets write (not an expert) it makes you dull. There is no will to fight in the cold. The night is everyone's enemy in Winter.

  6. It was apparent two weeks into the war that Russia was in deep trouble. Why did Putin continue fighting, when the obvious solution was to capitulate and take Zelenskyy's then offer of February 24th lines? People without military experience understood that fighting into the summer would only result in more weapons and better training. The EU and the US can supply Ukraine forever. Why is Russia still fighting?

  7. Shit, Georgians are some very patient people indeed. Invaded by Russia, but taking in the refuseniks that enabled them. Pretty much an immediate EU candidate if you ask me.

  8. Well its smart. Ukraine turns every weapon into a meme, which leads to massive orders of F-35s and Himars. Germany agreed to spend 100b on defense. Ultimately, its an investment into a resource and education rich democracy that has never been a problem for the US.

  9. "If we, the professionals, got our asses whipped out there, what do they think they’re going to do?"

  10. We need to integrate Ukraine's female model into NATO. There is money and votes in this.

  11. Great news, Wali came back, organized training sessions and will benefit from Ukraine's improved organization.

  12. Do Russians just shed garbage everywhere they go?

  13. No cleanliness, no respect for countries they visit, desperation and lack of education.

  14. Can’t blame the guy, it’s probably the smartest thing a Russia soldier can do.

  15. Yeah, there is hesitation. No its not costing NATO as dearly as it should. We could have prevented Mariupol, but didn't. Watching kids being shelled doesn't mean "job done well." On the other hand, there are no easy decisions at world level.

  16. Putin has reached new depths, in mobilization videos some commanders look lost. Nobody knows what's going on.

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