1. Uhm..... U proof u only want to be complimented on that video and dont tolerate a different opinion. U also proof that you are a dick. Just look at youre passive aggressive first reaction 😂 this conversation could have be totally different

  2. Uhm my reaction? I feel your struggling to follow the communication process here. My initial response to your comment was not rude in the slightest towards you. You were the dick making jabs first saying "u full of yourself." Go back and read. I never made a single negative remarks towards you until you made the first jab so what do you expect lol. Then I'm the dick for defending myself and your all hurt by it. WTF? So whose really the dick here? Anyone who is capable of reading can clearly see it is you. Meanwhile, your entitled to your opinion but it is just that and you have nothing to back it up with so it's baseless.

  3. U are toxic bro. U dont even see whats wrong with your first reaction. U a great player but with a bad attitude. No pls stfu because u are wasting youre and my time. Try to do an achievement in real life instead of spending so much time to this bs and then go here wanting to be great.

  4. Your still going......whose wasting time here? If you saw something wrong with my first reaction than clearly your just a sensitive, crybaby snowflake. Go find a shoulder to cry on princess.😘

  5. Congrats to you and Paulie! Just gonna say this is impressive but your solo no damage runs are crazy!!

  6. Thanks a lot. 😊 No dmg runs can be crazy. Always some nail biter moments which makes them super exhilarating.

  7. I don't think it is, I know it is. Your welcome to try to prove otherwise but you will find no evidence of that.

  8. Really...hmm that is interesting. As long as your crouched down in the grass area they shouldn't see you. Although, I ran a duo run on this same map after this run and noticed the hwacha would occasionally target me in the grass at villa but never had the issue at stable. It could be that if you pop up to shoot darts for too long they find you. Not sure, seems kinda inconsistent 😕

  9. Nice Chunky. You will get this soon. Love to see dedicated players like yourself embracing the full challenge of plat7 solo for what it is. Seeing more players out there claiming plat7solo wins with no disciples in play and its just a joke. I watch their runs and guarantee the zone would have been lost on numerous occasions had they done a true plat7 solo (going in and out of the DA to get disciples.) The zone control needed for handling disciples is one of the most challenging aspects of all. Kudos to you for not taking shortcuts and displaying skill in its purest form.

  10. Why shame people that don't do "full" plat7? Some people maybe don't have the skill or the strategy yet. Also some are doing it for fun, not everyone is a masochist. Doing nightmare solo isn't even easy let alone plat7 without disciples.

  11. Not shaming at all. If you do a NMS solo, then congrats on the achievement. If you do a plat 6 solo kicking disciples away then also congrats on that as well. I am just saying players claiming they do a plat7 solo when they kick disciples is a joke. That is plat 6 so don't claim it is plat7 cause that is false. There is a huge difference in difficulty when it comes to plat7 solo legit with disciples compared to without them. That's a big part of what makes plat7 solo what it is. Again, not shaming. Just call things for what they are and activating disciples but not playing with them in the game is and never will be plat7.

  12. Great job! But where were the disciples? Plat7 means all mods activated and played with. You didn't play with the disciples active. Had you played with all 7 mods (disciples included) you most likely would have lost that zone by seeing how full it was and the run would have ended due to going in and out of the zone to kill them. This is a crucial part of the challenge that makes solo hellmode what it is. Many would argue this is not a legitimate plat7 solo, myself included. Nonetheless, congrats on your achievement.

  13. 100% pure Samurai/katana action with no MMC, bombs, and smoke bombs.

  14. Tony this run is legendary man!!!🙌 Hats off to you gents. Used to play with nighwolf a while back too. Solid guy there. I have always thought of doing a run like this but was concerned we wouldn't kill fast enough so never atempted it haha but look at you guys. Showing it can be done. I know how hard this must have been and you guys did it without smoke bombs...wave 9😳. That's wild. In my mind I've also always wanted to attempt stone striker samurais or assassins perfect duo with no ultimate. This is an inspirational push for that.

  15. I'd ask for a carry but I'd probably get downed midway

  16. Well I don't mind helping sometime if you want the HH sword. An everyone goes down especially in that mode so no worries. Going down is all part of learning and sometimes luck just isn't on our side with shared wounds and the timing of things.

  17. Fantastic job as always Adam!

  18. Noob raises hand : question question for the arguing about the moon sword cancel verse the way of the flame cancel. Isn't the moon sword cancel an infinite high damage cancel?

  19. Indeed it is. It offers an endless spam of the attack with no kill animation to slow it down. It offers very high DPS. It gains resolve very fast as compared to a stone striker which costs resolve to use HS. It staggers enemies insanely well and fast. It also gives the player super armor properties. It also doesn't break vanish for assassin. It offers many advantages that other stances do not and it's basically a cheese tactic.

  20. Another thing Mr. Atom, just so others might not be aware of, enemies do not parry or evade MMC because I suspect the A.I. (artificial intelligence) simply does not register MMC button input by the human player. MMC obviously kills faster and I would argue it takes more skill, effort, and patience to play the game normally than using MMC. On top of that, MMC can hit multiple enemies if they are grouped together. It makes sense to hit multiple enemies if you commit to the 360 spins but MMC disobeys these physical interactions with a small animation cancel.

  21. Hey Tony. First of all I saw this video you made a while back and it's an awesome video and very helpful for many players in the community myself included. That's a very interesting point you mention about enemies not evading/parrying MMC attacks. I have used MMC myself and seen many others use it and you are definitely right they really do tend to just stand there like punching bags as the player unleashes a non stop flurry of high DPS attacks. Thank you for also mentioning how the use of MMC can hit multiple targets as I forgot to mention that one as well. I've had some debate this point with me saying well stone striker HS can also hit multiple targets. This is fairly rare to happen but it is true. Although, the clear difference here is that the use of a HS comes at a high cost of 1 resolve node. Also stone striker is a legendary sword requiring a leg slot. Players use no resolve to execute MMC but instead gain a ton of it. They don't need to use a legendary katana slot and MMC does more damage than a HS and at a higher rate of speed considering the kill animation of a HS. So how wrong and unhealthy is it for the game that most players choose to use an exploit and completely ignore the legendary katanas because that exploit gives far more of a benefit than the legendary swords and perks themselves.... I also truly hope that SP can have a further look into it. I know it would be a challenging fix but for the integrity of their game it is worth it 100%.

  22. I totally agree. With the enemies like this melee combat and build diversity is clearly discouraged. Samurai is also very left out of plat 7 due to his ultimate ending animation which is a huge issue for shared wounds.

  23. Oh yeah. It is the sword combat that is the highlight for me. I only wished SPP can balance both close and range combat so both are needed to succeed in the battlefield.

  24. Is it the best bow. Definitely not but it's not useless. I've soloed NMSV with it. You just need the right build to make it work and it worked for me very well. I ran executioner and the ammo refill tech that uses resolve( no hunter ultimate). It packs a punch even without ulti. Sry I don't have a pic of the build anymore.

  25. Genuinely curious do you not use the moon master cancel because you don’t like that it’s glitchy? Because you are already world class at this game, but in combination with your toxic vanish I want to see how fast you can clear this whole map

  26. I'm not a fan of MMC for a number or reasons. It being glitchy is one of them. I learned it a while back and after playing with it drew the conclusion it kinda ruins the awesome melee combat that the devs made for us. It doesn't break the game but in terms of melee combat I see that it does plus with the assassin MMC doesn't break vanish which simply breaks the rules of the game and I find that kinda cheap and less satisfying when having to use that for a win. I'd just rather play the game as intended. I feel if players love the game they should respect the mechanics and not abuse them for an advantage when you don't need to do that to be a good player anyways.

  27. Good run man, I am on your side with this. I used to use it as a Samurai and Assassin main in year 1 Legends to keep up with Hunters and Ronin but I stopped using it.

  28. Appreciate it man. Yeah, learned it year one out of boredom and curiosity. The MMC just isn't right for many reasons. The damage it deals is far from the only reason too...its way more than just that. I personally like a challenge in games and using the MMC makes melee combat way less challenging once you can master it.

  29. T99x says:

    Well done bro, this is insane

  30. It turns out you ~can~ be a world-class player without MMC? Awesome job! Some real close calls there.

  31. Absolutely! That's one thing I personally stand for in the game. Showing what can be done with clean, exploit free play. Hoping to inspire others to pursue the same path. There are other players also who will amaze you that don't use MMC. Check out littlechunky and mast3ercid! These legends deserve some credit!

  32. That's raid, minimum for nms/ nm story is 90

  33. Why not do it without the exploits than as many have shown its certainly possible and more meaningful/satisfying when done the right way.

  34. Well this attitude goes to show that you would abuse any exploit no matter how ridiculous it may be as long as it gives you an advantage. My initial point made again. No respect for the game. Players who wanna play games like this should just play games with cheat codes, not legends.

  35. Best is debatable. Losing on damage stats on your katana. I'd definitely drop the ability reduction. Go with SK with double stacked GWD on the kunai and charm. Also SED is better than fire damage if you wanna run that on your charm and the melee stagger has little to no synergy on your charm. Really not much of a point to stagger enemies unless using the legendary stone striker katana for high damage (staggered) HS attacks. Also if running fire samurai BP bombs are a huge part of that fire damage and resolve gains so running smoke with munitions is far more valuable than any gourd.

  36. The fact of legends being a multi player game isn't relevant to this post. Multi-player game or not this post is about a player stating that all classes are balanced appropriately which is simply a false claim. So really a solo setting is the perfect example of each class rivaling one another to see how well they are in balance with one another. Sure in team play a team of bombers that spawn camp will wipe spawns faster but this post isn't about that. I'm not saying nerfing is the answer but if not nerf than buff the other 3 in a way to keep up with her. What's possible for one class should be made possible for all classes. That is balance.

  37. Exactly! Classes play with eachother yet have we ever seen a 4 ghost team consisting of all 4 classes at the top of the leaderboard? No we haven't. Which is more evidence of the imbalance. There are many scenarios in team play where hunter out performs the rest. For example take a NMSV run with a top hunter, ronin, assassin and samurai player. One of each. The elite hunter will always outperform and out kill the rest of the classes. Or in rivals. Have a 2 elite hunter team, 2 elite ronin team, 2 elite samurai team and 2 elite assassin team. The 2 elite hunter team will always win and clear rivals faster because the amount of power and DPS she has exceeds all other classes. She has the most deadly ultimate, class ability and legendary weapon of any class. She's also the only class who can wipe a group of enemies from literally halfway across the map or more. She is also the safest class to play with a low risk, high reward play style, shooting arrows safely from a distance since there's no need for her to engage in close quarter melee combat. SSB hunter with reload cancel being used is probably the fastest way to generate resolve on the entire game other than 2 perfectly placed BP bombs in a large cluster of enemies. In terms of individual classes she is the most powerful in terms of DPS. The evidence is everywhere and anyone who has experience playing each and every class will know this. I think some players (mostly hunter mains) choose to be willfully blind to this situation because of their attachment to the class. I don't main any class. I play them all equally. I love the hunter and enjoy playing her but I'm a realist and the reality of her being more powerful than the rest is without a doubt the truth. There are many scenarios throughout many modes of the game that display overwhelming evidence to support my claims.

  38. I will share my thoughts about this topic as it's an interesting one for debate. I'll start by saying any players who want to use MMC. By all means go for it. Nothing against it or any player using it and I could personally care less if it ever gets patched or not. Also, yes I can do MMC and have completed multiple NMS solo clears on 25 waves using it so I know firsthand it does require skill to execute. Saying a player using it has no skill is nonsense. A lot of players do say it breaks the game. I wouldn't say it breaks the game entirely but it terms of melee combat I think it absolutely does and this is why I've made the choice to refrain from using it. Here are my reasons for saying this.

  39. What you said is factual but it ignores the big picture that players are abusing other mechanics like reload cancels which is far more potent in resolve building, dps, ults to wipe out multiple enemies (they cant even block these). Because of how strong ranged weapons are most players only use melee as a fall back weapon. This is the core issue I see in the game play. Even if MMC was 'patched' it would barely change the way players play this game. Black powder bomb, reload cancel spam into ults for wave wipe. Melee is just an afterthought. MMC as powerful as it is balanced by the fact it takes some practice to learn and utilise effectively in combat. I think it would be more interesting if the devs 'patched' MMC but increased resolve gains for melee weapons to balance the game.

  40. I totally agree with you. That idea about melee resolve gains being re-evaluated is a fantastic one. Ranged weapons and ranged resolve gain is far superior to melee which is too bad. Also, I've heard players bring up reload cancel being patched by generating resolve based on full or partial draw. Keep the cancel itself but full draw equals greater resolve gain and vice versa for partial draw. I think this is a fair idea for dealing with reload cancel.

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