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  1. I can give somber smithing stones since I'm not gonna use them, or various items in general. Just nothing too crazy since I'm not into the endgame, but I will try my best to repay someone that's willing to help me.

  2. Kranky has the CD rights for f#, skinny fists and slow riot so you can only get the vinyl from constellation. yanqui is available on both formats there (though I would recommend the vinyl version as that's the more complete variation of that record)

  3. I do not know why, but they are very cute in these suits.

  4. Holy fuck this sub never fails to disappoint.

  5. Hmm ok here’s a couple ideas

  6. Don't often see them with these role reversed attitudes. Very charming and cute. Love the girls in the background too, lol

  7. It's just so nice to see them live happy, normal lives. I wonder where Rei is though.

  8. The one in the photo? I bought it in a record store here in México, that's why it says Kamite on one side, it's the publisher. Dark Horse Comics also sells these books but I don't own them so I can't speak of their quality, the Hellsing Deluxe version they sell is fantastic though, so this one is probably fine, too.

  9. I've heard it was never officially translated or published in the US, so a Japanese one will be fine.

  10. There’s always some 4th grader who thinks it’s funny to run people over…

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