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  1. For thrash metal, I recommend Five Finger Death Punch. For death metal, I recommend Slipknot. For black metal, I recommend KISS. For power metal, I recommend Bring Me to the Horizon. For speed metal, I recommend 100 Geks.

  2. Gonna get downvoted for this (don’t care), but a MALE ball python. Generally the widely-accepted rule for snakes is that the longest side of the terrarium should be no shorter than the length of the snake. Most 40 and 55 gallons (ie. those made by ExoTerra) are 18” in width and 36” in length , meaning that they are perfectly adequate to house an average 3 foot-long male BP. Female BPs usually reach around 4 feet in length, so something larger will be needed for a female.

  3. Sadly I can’t have snakes but I’ll let my brother know!! He’s been intrested in owning one!

  4. For anyone looking into getting a first pet snake, ball pythons are the way to go 100% IMO. Very handleable and friendly, hardy/forgiving of mistakes, not small & fragile while not ridiculously gigantic either, and readily available at most pet shops. There are a handful of cons (ie occasional going hunger strikes and need for higher humidity than other snakes), but nothing unreasonable and the pros make them totally worth it.

  5. This is so incredibly dumb. Nobody is excluding Latin/Hispanic people from the entertainment industry here. What would be exclusionary is if someone, who was already cast, was removed from the role based on their race or was purposefully denied the role based on their race, but this is not the case here. The director simply chose who they thought was right for the role and you can’t deny that James Franco looks incredibly similar to Castro. This is the same reason why people on the right complaining about minoirity casting as some “anti-white conspiracy” annoys the shit out of of me too.

  6. “Hello and welcome to the Los Pollos Hermanos family. My name is Gustavo, but you can call me SUS”

  7. Texass and Louisiana are at $7.25.. so are several other blood red states.

  8. They really aren’t doing any favors for their states. No wonder nobody lives in half of them.

  9. The song is actually pretty “woke,” if you really think about it. While most of it is jokes making fun of inbred white people from the south, George/Frank also calls out the double standard of police letting white people off the hook for the same crimes they would arrest minorities for.

  10. Name me a single war that was started by atheists or in the name of atheism and then name me every war started by Christians or Muslims.

  11. For this type of post asking where to buy fossils, I must first add the obligatory armchair know-it-all comment of “dOn’T bUy FaWsUhLz. FaWsUhLz BeLoNg To Da PuHbLiCk AnD bY bUyIn DiS vErY cOmMoN fAwSuHl YoUr dEpRiViN dA ScIeNcE oF dA vErY pRyCeLeSs dAyDa!”

  12. There are definitely living dinosaurs still around today. They’re called birds. However if you are talking about the non-avian dinosaurs, then they are all very much extinct - there have been zero sightings of them in modern day that are not hoaxes and there are zero traces of them in the fossil record beyond the K-Pg boundary. When a group of animals entirely disappears from the fossil record with no traces since, it’s pretty safe to say that they went extinct.

  13. Definitely a cephalopod (either a species of orthoceratid or nautiloid). The conical shape and segmented shell chambers are a dead giveaway.

  14. What a fucking dumbass. Regardless of whether injecting oil into his body was his actual cause of death, you still have to be in a whole other echelon of stupid to even consider doing something like that.

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