1. Steelers are impressive. With 29 being the most and even then it took Brady to get there

  2. I wonder if the players will comeback to do a charity program for the victims ?

  3. Reminds me of when my older brother would do something wrong so my mom grounded him but also me and my sister too.

  4. Punish the collective in order to make sure they never do what the elder did.

  5. Again my problem with this is that it does nothing. There a person cheers for an injury after fact or just types I wish this player got injured. It does nothing to the Injury. Nothing happens. It’s only a problem is the person who causes the injury is cheering or someone played specifically to injure someone. But it’s not like the fans caused the injury. You would think someone would get mad at the guy who caused injury instead.

  6. Man, not often you hear a coach go after the fan base… good for him. Fans were scumbags for that one and he called em for it.

  7. Jimmy garoppolo: Am I being traded? Niners: Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know can you repeat the question.

  8. I wish Buffalo could have pulled it off man. So close, and that was easily their best shot of the four they went to

  9. They had solid chance in their last one as well. Even had the lead at halftime.

  10. He, like Ramsey, is more interested in brutalizing, and forcing himself on women than having a real relationship with them. Margery is just really good at manipulating him, and honestly, I think he's scared of Loras. If he lived longer, he might have found sincere interest in women..... fortunately, he ate Tyrion's pie, and is an issue no more.

  11. Flacco got shit for it too. This storyline gets recycled almost every off-season when a team has a Vet QB and drafts a rookie in the first few rounds. Post-draft to OTAs is the slowest part of the year for NFL media, they are just looking for something to write an article on.

  12. Yeah however Flacco had the hardware to skirt a lot Criticism. Ryan was just never good enough to skirt by criticism. That was Ryan’s problem. He was good but inconsistent

  13. The life and times of Ryan Tannehill. That's what he gets for being a Dolphins QB. Media and fans will shit on you relentlessly for literally no reason other than you couldn't live up to Dan Marino.

  14. Well yeah Brady got shit on for not living up to bledsoe until he surpassed him. Same goes for Big Ben. You put up good play shuts down the Criticism. Ryan could never do that consistently even in his quote unquote breakout season because he was just never good enough. Quote from bull Durham “ Your shower shoes have fungus on them. You’ll never make it to the bigs with fungus on your shower shoes. Think classy and you’ll be classy. If you win 20 in the show, you can let the fungus grow back on your shower shoes and the press will think you’re colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you’re a slob.”

  15. Shit man, if only we could choose to play easier opponents.

  16. I mean the NBA players union seems to be fine with the playoff format and it tests teams.

  17. I agree. Teams need more time between games to rest. The Clippers played every other day in the playoffs for a month. If they had more rest I think they would have made it to the finals.

  18. If they need more time then they have to sweep their opponent and hope the other team isn’t good enough to sweep theirs. The NBA playoffs reward good teams.

  19. Damn. Falcons in the Vick era weren’t bad but I always felt they weren’t playing up to their potential with Vick. I am curious as how the falcons will play with mariota.

  20. If someone's "threshold of information" for lack of a better term is too low, can they be called out on that?

  21. I never meant to imply you were being aggressive. Sorry if it looked like that.

  22. Still a complete tragedy but this makes it a lot more understandable about how this could happen

  23. I mean considering he was driving drunk on the highway with a passenger. This could have gone a whole lot worse

  24. I assumed Herbert was one of them. Seems like his genetics are 90% the clutch gene.

  25. 90 percent clutch gene yet couldn’t beat the Texans to save his life and get in the playoffs. Threw a pick six to ice the game for the Texans.

  26. The slavers deserved everything she did to them and more.

  27. Yeah but chaos benefits no one. And because of her the order they did have is gone. Now there is war and rebellion happening and the little guy who got screwed under the slavers is still getting screwed.

  28. We’ve seen what order looked like for those societies. It was Dany being offered the chance to wager whether a child rolled in honey or fish would be eaten first. It was two boys, a puppy and a newborn slaughtered for every single Unsullied produced - Unsullied, who are sold thousands at a time. It’s the communities like Missandei’s ripped apart to feed the market.

  29. No yeah she’s doing good by ending slavery. It’s just there’s growing pains.

  30. Matt Dodge, we knew he was never a directional kicker and the Giants felt they could change that, then the DeSean Jackson return happened

  31. I mean all he had to do was kick out of bounds on the punt. I could do that and I can’t punt for shit. He was told to kick out of bounds not a directional punt.

  32. Every main character, male or female, has awakened something in me.

  33. The center forgot the snap count and didn’t snap the ball, everyone else went. It’s funny, but only one guy fucked up

  34. Not against us they aren’t lol. My pick for this was one of the games where they just decided not to cover Gronk. There’s a bunch of examples to chose from, like the 2017 meltdown after the Jesse James drop, for some reason they just completely forgot how to football when they played us sometimes

  35. Yeah but this was after the 2018 game where they beat you guys and you didn’t have Gronk

  36. Maybe if you add Ben Simmons and a decent coach in Brett Brown you’ll have a championship, right? Right guys?

  37. Testaverde was one of the best journeyman out there. And probably the second best Jets qb. No one beats Broadway Joe.

  38. It was. It was a meaningless week 17 game featuring a bunch of unmotivated backups. Foles played poorly for the brief time he was in making the entire Eagles subreddit melt down further about how screwed we were in the playoffs.

  39. I mean you guys almost lost to the falcons if it wasn’t for that knee catch there is a good chance the falcons beat you.

  40. 2017 Falcons vs eagles. I liked how tight the game was honestly. Like the eagles were still getting used to foles and the falcons seemed hell bent of making it back. Only for the eagles to get incredibly lucky of that Knee catch. Still the eagles goal line stand worked.

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