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  1. To answer op because he is cheap, I'm sure there are licensing fees and as far as intellectual property goes deathlok is pretty low on the totem pole. Probably same reason they used Morgan le fey

  2. One other suggestion I could make is there are hot glue sticks out there that are specifically made to be crystal.clear when they cool. A hot glue gun and that glue probably wouldn't run you more than 10 bucks and it would be pretty strong too (and take 5 min instead of 72 hours).

  3. I always thought this episode was what Texas chainsaw massacre should have been. Such better suspense and premise than TCM.

  4. I assume you mean the newer movie?

  5. Well where do you expect people to practice how to drift? !

  6. Roger that, I was thinking about just taking a wire wheel to it but didn’t know if that would damage it

  7. Hey buddy I just wanted to warn you. I have seen a number of shows where people almost died because a splinter of a wire brush came off and they didn't notice it, and then swallowed it when they ate food that was prepared on the grill. This is one of the reasons I stopped buying metal grill brushes(I know your talking a wire wheel but same difference) using the grill stone or a nonmetallic scouring pad is much safer, if you do use the wire brush/wheel do a good once over to make sure there are no bits that broke off that you might have missed!

  8. I know but if it's in the corner or if it is a really thin piece. I just saw the post and wanted to make him aware it could happen. The shows that I watched one had a perforated bowel that got infected and the other it was lodged in his esophagus and ended up vomiting like 5 liters of blood before they figured it out.

  9. Went to a steakhouse once. Asked for medium rare. Came out well done. I send it back. Another steak comes out and it's blue. They asked if I wanted another one. I said no I'm done. Take it off the bill. I left hungry

  10. I went to the "oldest" steakhouse in town, expensive and very snobby (I hate these places to begin with) ordered a medium steak and it came out blood red on everything but the outside, and ended up leaking like half an inch of blood onto the plate, when I didn't eat 3/4 of the steak she said "was everything alright?" While seeing the sea of blood that my steak was floating on....I shrugged and said it was a little under. They charged me full price for it, never went back (shocking I know).

  11. Just an FYI it's not actually blood it's mostly water and myoglobin, which is a protein.

  12. While i logically understand the difference my gag reflex does not.

  13. Trump: B b b but Obama took 32 gjillion pages of documents! Why isn't he in jail?

  14. And this is how one stupid person can kill 3 stupid people without doing a thing.

  15. If you have a personality and are confident it doesn't matter what you look like to me.

  16. God what a garbage woman, you know the shit these airlines attendants have to deal with and don't loose their shit, this lady must have really been turning the screws to get him that heated. People mostly treat people right even with they disagree but when you push someone to a point they are willing to self destruct you never know what they will do, attack you, kill you, but rarely anything rational or proportional.

  17. people should really stop doing business with comictom101 and his "comic fam" they're the center of the influencer part of this. Essentially comictom and his crew (goldenageguru, Nerdygirl, ragetheo, Gemmint) are partnered with WhatsApp and wahtsapp gives them exhibitor badges to enter conventions before the general public. They buy these comics and immediately start pimping them to their followers fanning the flames of FOMO while immediately selling on whatnot. They are spinning worthless crap and people are selling out $100 for it. Shame on them and Shame on the people throwing their money away.

  18. This this x 1000. First time I watched these "influencers" it made me want to vomit. It looked like Kim Kardashian pushing comics. It's sad that some people will take advantage of the nieve to make money and push for principals that the majority of comic book lovers do not agree with. Speculation is a pump and dump scheme and CGC needs to plug their holes because the ship is sinking.

  19. What you want me to take my good machete camping? It could get dirty or dull, nope my good machete sits in its sheath in my closet, the 5 dollar Walmart one gets lots of use. (This is somewhat a joke but it is very true I only take cheap machete camping because I do really stupid stuff with them and don't want to damage my expensive one. Lol)

  20. I buy expensive folding knives because they can stand up to hard use. My s110v Spyderco will virtually never dull.

  21. Exactly what I do lol. It's like I'm not worthy to use it or something, I do the same with and tools that are expensive 150 dollar Japanese pull saw, I'm not using it on expensive maple burle so I'll use a harbor freight saw that takes twice the time and has a rough cut because I can't use the good one!

  22. Could you use rice in a new clean sock? Throw it in the freezer and then let him chomp on it a bit? Might not work because of the drool, you could probably sanitize it by microwaving it....don't know if this is a good idea honestly just something that came to mind

  23. I have seen some companies offering sanding sponges, they are basically an adhesive attached to a neoprene type backing. It really looked like you could squeeze it to fit any nook and cranny. No idea if this would be a good idea, but if the dry ice, or media blasting is out it might be an option.

  24. Having been a teenager and now eventually being a parent to one. I absolutely will allow him a lock for his door. The only caveat is that it will be the kind that he can lock but that I can use a paperclip to pop the lock from the outside in case of emergency or if he is in trouble. We all know what teens do in their room, and none of us want to violate their privacy or violate our eyes walking in on something. That being said with how phone centric everything is now I'm sure I will be able to just text my son to get the hell out of his room and mow the lawn instead of walking over and crashing through the door.

  25. I always do my best if I have a fever to let it take its course without medication, it sucks don't get me wrong but it's my body's way of helping kill the infection. There are of course limits to both of these, if my fever lasts more than 2 days I will usually take something to bring it down, or if my temp increases to more than 102 I will take something to bring it down.

  26. As far as I am concerned Kim's a hobbit, Kanye is a gay fish, and Davidson is a walking billboard for laser tattoo removal. The only people I feel sorry for are the children.

  27. I'd be afraid they would think they were actual witches and burn them at the stake. I wish I could put a /s next to that.

  28. I did a mortgage for a lady who inherited something like $2 million dollars, and what she did was put all of it in a guaranteed annuity that paid her monthly from the interest. When I did her loan she was getting around $12-15k per month. Every 5 years or so the amount would increase/adjust to keep up with inflation too.

  29. The problem with annuities is either the lump sum you have to deposit or you need to have a long term payment like a pension that you sign over. If you are letting someone else manage things for you, just know they are making money off of you or your money.

  30. Well my step father in law inherited 5 million bucks when he turned 18 and blew literally all of it over 20 years. I sure wish he would’ve setup an annuity or at least done SOMETHING smarter.

  31. Well that's his relatives fault. It us easy to setup a trust for someone when you die so that parents are made just like an annuity would give them out, and it could be put into an investment that could be passed onto the next generation etc.. I wasn't trying to say annuities are bad, but banks love them because in comparison to just taking that money out each month and having it in a safe investment they end up with a good chunk of the money. Same with mortgages, you end up paying way more for a house because you can't pay up front. It is just how lending is done.

  32. It's about damn time that someone is charged with murder or vehicular homicide as most of these end up with reckless driving and manslaughter charges. If you have a driver's license there is an inhert expectation that you know driving like this could kill someone.

  33. Five finger death punch? As it is its already bad but getting punched dead does sound slightly worse.

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