1. I may be mistaken, but I thought that XI set himself up to rule for life in a series of rule changes. If I am, please correct me.

  2. He removed term limits, so he could theoretically be ruler for life if voter so.

  3. That was quick but to hell with the guidestones

  4. Have you seen the guy from Missouri’s “rhino hunting” ad?! It’s golden lmao

  5. It’s not a conspiracy that a government is literally trying to kill of half of the livestock farmers in a country.... the same government that’s known to have a lot of WEF members in it..... the same one pushing the WEFs agenda.....

  6. They're not at risk if they handle and cook it properly.

  7. This! I eat black bear and they are almost always positive for trichinosis, learn to cook you’re meat people. Most poultry, pork and wild predator meat(bear, cougars & etc) need to be cooked fully. The magic number is 165 °F (74 °C) in the center of the cut.

  8. Because he’s been saying the same crazy ass shit thats written on the guide stones.

  9. hope you’re a Mars Volta fan. Here’s Omar’s “family war funding(gotta love those rothchilds!)”

  10. They taught us sexual education in my elementary school and this was 30 years ago.

  11. They thought a simplistic and educational form of sex education, they didn’t bust out a rubber fist.

  12. What happened to “no ones forcing you!”? Oh wait it was bullshit, that’s right.

  13. Joy. I've attracted a bot lmao. I did piss off a brigader earlier, so maybe I made it to TMoR 🤣

  14. Ooooh sounds like someone gunna gain a new follower! Not creepy at all, nope not at all.

  15. The became non-binary/transgender/lesbian/gay/birdkin/dragonkin.

  16. Sadly this is the truth. The blue hairs of today where once BTGGs. Sad to see them go. Who doesn’t love a BTGG

  17. At least have the balls to be openly antisemitic, dude. You sound like a child.

  18. Who cares his political affiliation. It’s an ass blast from both of them and the point is you’re supposed to be worried about who. It’s a distraction and made to confuse people.

  19. What do you mean? Its just a collection of this person living his life. He appears to be a part of some kind of cult...

  20. He’s already done it, their just lying tell it’s sooo far past gone their no hope but the reset.

  21. I mean there are plenty of childish people out there that would do something like this lol

  22. Are they really trying to say that food bred animals cause climate change? Lmao

  23. Lmao their gunna make a student loan forgiveness bill that starts out as a real loan forgiveness bill and then gets hijacked into a Ukraine aid bill but they still call it a “student loan forgiveness bill”. If you call it anything other then “loan forgiveness” you’re a Russian sympathizer.

  24. In my wallet. How many more billions do we need to send and how many more people have to die before we realize this isn’t gunna end fell for Ukraine as a whole. I have a feeling is gunna get split up in a few ways. Hell Poland has quietly taken over the region they lost in the polish-Ukrainian war.

  25. Welp I don’t have one and My reddit doesn’t have my name or real email. Soo you’re crazy melting face governor of New York, also I don’t live their and never really wanna go.

  26. This creepy SOB needs to be nailed through the limbs to a tree

  27. Ok so the head of the Ndrangheta said it’s ok but that one group, their a major group in ever Italian region. What’s the Camorra take on this or Stidda‘a?! Also Ndrangheta is known to fight between clans.

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