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  1. Hi OP. Unrelated to this subreddit but I had the same issue during my pregnancy. I don’t want to make unwarranted suggestions but I did take spiralina (algae) and milk with every meal and eggs more frequently. Sorry again if anyone is offended I responded.

  2. I moved to Germany almost 3 years ago and I can tell you what I miss: how goddamn friendly Americans are.

  3. Yes, the difference is huge. Germans aren’t mean or anything, they just don’t find it necessary to smile or engage with strangers. With that said, Germany is awesome. I felt the need to respond because I feel like the US gets shit on so much on Reddit.

  4. I'm an American but moved to Germany 6 years ago. I find the America section pretty funny.

  5. I love the American Food flyers from Lidl, Penny, etc. The pizza donut always makes me laugh.

  6. You know, as someone who’s really excited to be a guest in your country and contribute to the economy while making an honest attempt to learn the language, comments like this are incredibly demotivating and condescending. I get it, I’m not German and didn’t grow up here.

  7. Hey OP, I am in kind of a similar situation. I am American but moved here with my German husband and child. I was a lawyer in the US and also have been having a hard time finding a job here. I am not sure if this resource is available to you but I went to the Arbeitsamt for help. If you find the right person, they can actually help or give some advice. But unfortunately learning German fast is a must. I know you know this so I am not trying to beat a dead horse or demoralize you. If you aren’t working, you can take some classes but also Hamburg has a few groups where you can just speak German with other people even if you are just starting.

  8. I feel like this is a National pastime. Germans love leaving bad reviews. In their defense, they also like leaving glowing ones. I found there are no in between reviews.

  9. if a parent qualifies for medicaid, these laws don’t come into effect. they are also very rarely enforced.

  10. Hi fellow American. I live in Germany and no place is perfect. But I LOVE it here. The downside is the weather but I try not to get too down about that because even the US has bad weather but the US also has less vacation time to travel.

  11. I love what you did here! Is the background of space a poster or something over your window?

  12. Not having researched this on my own but i’m very curious what college the fictional dude from the US went to….college costs in the US are crippling. That is one major reason salaries are much higher.

  13. The college debt amount seemed low. I graduated 20+ years ago with more debt than that and I went to a state college.

  14. The interesting part of her analysis is when you look at college debt scenarios, more than half of people with college debt weren’t able to finish college for whatever reason.

  15. It’s absolutely true that if you want to get ahead here, you can. I’ve moved here from a well to do Western European country that prides itself on equality for all and a high standard of living.

  16. But you will see a difference when you need to send children to college (100k each) then saving for your own retirement and health care costs. You will see a huge change in you own standard of living when those things happen.

  17. All the more reason to start saving early. I’m putting 20% of my wage into my retirement savings now. That’s above target, but moving here at 25 I’ve lost a few years to start early. Don’t put that off. Ever. The earlier you start, the more it’ll compound to when you reach retirement age.

  18. Definitely. Being young and healthy, there is NO better place then the US. But I can tell you after school, I had 100k of debt. It is really hard to get ahead after that. One major health crisis and you can be completely wiped out. For me, I find that terrifying. I also didn’t like the idea of place my child’s education costs on their backs. I could tell you were from Germany from your post. I live there now. When I visit the US, I miss the friendly people and weather. But as for general standard of living, I found Germany a much better place to raise a family.

  19. I love how many different cultures are in both cities. It feels like I can find cuisine from almost any nation here. I like food XD

  20. The offer still stands if you need Old Bay. I’m close to Hamburg but really like Berlin and think I’d definitely be more comfortable living there.

  21. Isn't that a very very long trip? :( I don't want to be an inconvenience. I do like the Old Bay though.

  22. Ha! I meant I could put it in the mail. Always up to make another transplant happy:-)

  23. I’m an American who resides in Germany. I visited the US last week and could not believe the food prices there! How are Americans doing this? I mean this honestly. I’ll add we went to Publix then found a Trader Joe’s and that was much better. But at Publix English Muffins we’re $5. What the actual F!!!!??!?!

  24. I moved from the US to Germany with a small child and a dog. Germany is super child friendly and will be an entryway into making friends for you both. However, for me, the language barrier was tough and I had to put in the effort to learn the language. If you move to Berlin, then that’s a different story with the language.

  25. My Grandparents sold everything they had, bundled my mom into a wicker basket and took a ship across the Atlantic because even 10 years after WWII was over there was no decent industry in their small town in Germany. Now I think it would be great to live there, just as long as my neighbors speak decent English and I still had my American salary.

  26. The thing is that you don’t need an American salary in Germany. However in a village in Germany your neighbors won’t speak English.

  27. I love every part of your place but mostly that couch!!! Okay and the hammock!


  29. What did you think an artist who sang about kissing a girl would vote for Trump? Get out of here with that.

  30. Where are you in the US? One this i miss about the US is the local stuff. Ex: I’m from Maryland and brought Old Bay with me (crab seasoning) and people here love it. Also I bring back crab chips.

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