1. out of college money spent see no future pay no rent

  2. Everyone keeps giving super rocky answers. I feel like itd be interesting to see how he would do Here There and Everywhere. Or Blackbird. Or itd be really funny to see his take on Rocky Racoon

  3. I'm Only Sleeping, it's one of the most unique songs I know. Probably the saddest Beatles song imo

  4. Interesting. To me it doesn't sound sad at all. It's incredible how these songs can make people feel different emotions.

  5. I'm not sure I fully agree with that, but it is really fun. There are several really good winter leagues. Australia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Caracao, Cuba and a couple others I can't think of right now.

  6. It's competitive, but DR ist he most dominant by a pretty good margin. They have won 22 times. The next one that comes close is PR, and they have 16. Also it should be noted that DR entered the tournament later than the other leagues (about 20 years later), and they still have the lead. They have been to the finals of the Caribbean Series 4 years in a row, and have won 3 times in the last 4 years.

  7. That's true, but the league overall is not significantly better than the others. The top team from the RD league may be the best overall, but a lot of years they also dominate the DWL. For example the Tigres who won the Caribbean Series this year have won the Caribbean Series I believe 11 times now. So they alone represent half of the total Caribbean Series wins for RD.

  8. This is the first time the Tigers win the Caribbean Series since 2008, and until this year, they hadn't won the DWL championship since 2017 . They arent as dominant as they once were. The league right now is pretty balanced, and in the last 10 years all the teams in the league have won the championship. It's true that Tigers were so dominat that other teams merged into one, but that happened in 1921, lol! The youngest team that joined the league was formed in 1995.

  9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Happiness is a Warm Gun, and Back in the USSR. I can't choose just one.

  10. those Beatles tracks surely weren't heaviest music of its time

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