Mychelle Johnson (Miles Bridges’ wife) on Instagram: I hate that it has come to this but I can’t be silent anymore.

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  1. As an Aussie, there’s plenty of opportunities to move & work as a planner in the UK. I have plenty of examples of my Aussie colleagues being easily accepted in the UK. imagine it’s similar for Kiwis

  2. That’s reassuring to hear! Thank you! I hope being a recent graduate wouldn’t impede that too much

  3. Hiya! I’m not moving to the UK, but I’m a graduate planner that moved from NZ to Aus! I found it pretty easy to get a job, lots of the consultancy’s have international offices so easy to move countries! I mentioned in my interview that although I didn’t know the system in my new country, I would be learning it and talking to planners in AUS before my arrival to try learn it, and that really helped me get my job 👍🏻 I found they taught me everything on arrival that I needed to know, and most of my skills were transferable, just needed some fine tuning to the new system 😊

  4. Thank you so much for your reply! That’s reassuring. Were you already in Australia to do the interviews? Or did you get the job and then move?

  5. Terry is so high character. I was salty when we originally signed him but now I’d get his jersey first out of all the hornets

  6. Someone tell Lamelo those skinny bell bottoms aren’t it please 🤣🤣 glad Terry’s back though!

  7. Looking on the bright side of this season, looks like we don’t have that annoying defense assistant coach constantly standing next to the HC yelling from the sideline. He always annoyed me for some reason.

  8. This makes me so fucking happy. Hes such a nice guy I might genuinely tear up lol.

  9. On the shore there’s walkie talkie man who would walk from Devonport to Takapuna while talking to himself every day. He must have been fit as.

  10. Bit of a generic coach speech interview. No real insights beyond what we already know.

  11. PJ. People underestimate him because he’s a little older now but he’s our best defender and a has a good offensive bag if he’s thrown the ball.

  12. You guys really don't have faith in Mark Williams. I get the argument that we need better defense on the perimeter more than in the post, but we just got the 7'2" 240lb ACC Defensive Player of the Year. It's not nothing. Plumlee is definitely on the decline and it's nice to know we have a giant with defensive skills to back him up, even if it's a rookie.

  13. Happy for Jalen. Definitely deserves a spot on the team. Low-key one of our best defenders, I know that's not saying much but still 😅

  14. I legit think we should give him more run as a small ball center. He has underrated rim protection instincts.

  15. For us to even get to the table it would be PJ, Bouk, Williams and 7Frp. Mitchells not worth that, but thats the market right now.

  16. We need to sign rondo for summer league so that we can at least have a warm body who knows what a pass is.

  17. I can already tell Clifford is gonna play Nick over Mark for most of the season.

  18. If we resign miles I call for a boycott of all hornets fandom. Fuck domestic violence in all forms. Fuck this bullshit. Adam Silver should ban him for life.

  19. Fuck this piece of shit. If we sign him im not longer a fan. Fuck this bullshit. Hope that poor woman and child can move on with safety and certainty. Fuck miles bridges. Absolute cunt.

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