Hamster escapes prison

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An ICE Agent who helped deport many, learned he was undocumented himself and now faces deportation. Upon presenting his birth certificate to help his brother become a citizen, Raul Rodriguez learned his documents were falsified at birth and he in fact was not a US citizen. He was immediately fired.

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  1. This was like summer 2020 I think. Full lock down mode. These kids were going to get killed, pretty much every cholo out there looking for them. Their address got leaked and they were driving around the block waiting for these guys to come out. This fade was supposed to stop a full on war between Hoover and pretty much every sureno gang out there. I thought the fade was pretty light for that. They didn’t 1v1 that street vendor, they should have gotten jumped

  2. i mean anyone with eyes could see that wouldn't work, except these guys, they have no eyes



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