1. You should definitely work on a shotgun varient. It would also make better sense - like popping off a lil lethal bass boom in people's faces

  2. Oh that’s definitely something we plan to have, but it’ll be an entirely new weapon rather than just a variant!

  3. Very nice work making it look high poly with the textures, reminds me of jet set radio

  4. That’s freaking awesome. Does slotting in different singles/albums/mixtapes fire different types of projectiles? So cool.

  5. Yep a big part of the game will be unleashing the powers of cassettes that boost different abilities!

  6. These designs are so kick ass, is that the cassette you posted earlier in the gun?! I want to 3d print it and display it honestly.

  7. Thanks so much! The cassette I posted earlier does go into the gun!

  8. The side that never gets seen should have an Easter egg on it.

  9. We actually designed our aesthetic before hifi rush was announced!

  10. Looks cool, nice art style. You have a steam page?

  11. Thanks! We don’t have a Steam page since we’re early in development but we do have a

  12. i was like damn, this new wingman skin bussin... until i looked at the subreddit lmao

  13. How do you get the crisp black lines for the illustrated look? Been looking for a lazy way to do it instead of by hand.

  14. For the lines I’m using an emission shader and adding a solidify modifier with flipped normals. There’s a ton of tutorials on YouTube that use this same technique if you look up toon shaders!

  15. It’s so cute! I love them! Also reminds me of something you’d see in

  16. Imagine these teeth moving sideways on a tape loop...

  17. I really like it, but the "eye" spool holes should be much closer together. You won't get much tape on a spool that's so close to the edge (not to mention that it wouldn't fit any standard cassette player.

  18. I see where you’re coming from about the eyes. While the design isn’t 100% faithful to actual cassette designs, doing this allowed us to make the character’s mouth more prominent which we found to be an overall cuter design!

  19. Oh my! I am in love with Zero! Can't wait to see the finished product! Great job!

  20. Thanks! That actually was a name we considered, but we ended up going with Zeri!

  21. Beautiful graphics. I’d be interested in seeing more! Keep up the awesome work! :)

  22. I love minions too much, I felt like I saw one the first second, but no. It looks amazing, well done!

  23. Thanks! Being compared to minions is always a plus though haha

  24. really cool design, love the teeth especially.

  25. Cool! It’s actually inspired by jet set radio, and if I’m remembering properly hifi rush is also inspired by that!

  26. Oh so the tutorial robot and yours are the same inspiration? Love that

  27. This model is for a roguelike shooter I’m working on. If that sounds interesting feel free to check out our

  28. This sci-fi aesthetic (not sure what it's actually called) is absolute gold and this gets it so right.

  29. Thank you! I’m not sure what I would call the aesthetic either, but I think it falls under “toon sci-fi” and “punk”

  30. Really great design! Would love to see it in action (animated).

  31. Thanks! We’re going to hopefully start sharing gameplay on

  32. I’m actually inspired by jet set radio, which I think hifi rush is also inspired by!

  33. Thank you! This is for a game I’m creating with my team

  34. Postal worker was my first impression. LEOs tend to wear blue in a lot of places, so maybe just a palette swap to mostly white or something? Don't want it to look like a fishing boat's captain though...

  35. I like what you did there with ‘very mobile vending machine’ haha

  36. Awesome style, def getting Team Reptile and Leathal League vibes! Keep up the rad models!

  37. Thanks! Our team is also super inspired by jet set radio which is where those vibes come from!

  38. This is giving me strong Megaman legends vibes

  39. Looks cool. Please post more about the game when ready!

  40. Thanks for making sense out of having it upside down. I like having that sort of rationale (like which way it’s facing) to justify having it that way.

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