Someone seriously reported me to HR for suspected drug use, saying I must do them in my truck while at work. So HR opened an investigation. This is literally powdered sugar from the fried Oreos my wife and I got at the festival fundraiser last night. I’m just fat…

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  1. Hey boss, you know how you don't give me a lunch break?

  2. That quote is poorly written. They said "making profit" when they clearly should have said "paying taxes".

  3. Good mouse, been using mine a while now. Assuming of course you like the deathadder shape to begin with.

  4. This doesn't seem good for repairability. Well, unless you can remove and reapply the coating, but the title of the paper makes me think that's not the case...

  5. Not to mention...won't that use significantly more copper which is already in high demand?

  6. The yellow car is exactly like Bond yellow 2cv from « for your eyes only ». Before IMF Cruise tried to buy 007 license but failed to and got IMF instead. No surprise the 2 paths cross.

  7. The yellow car is a direct reference to Lupin III. Same maker, model, and color.

  8. Why does this feel like a fanmade trailer? I'm sure the movie will be great and everything shown seems pretty amazing on its own - but something seems off with this editing.

  9. Off topic, but has monitor tech kinda stagnate the past few years? I swear I bought this same model quite a while back for about the same price, maybe slightly more, and I thought it would be much cheaper by now.

  10. Not more than one might expect due to international events.

  11. Dell S2721DGF is superior and same price at Best Buy

  12. Crap. I’m banking on my 06 Samsung plasma crapping out so I can upgrade. Please don’t last 37 years lol

  13. I'm iffy about buying a TV right now because it seems like everything is either twice the price or comes with severe drawbacks. On top of that I've heard there may be a new tech "on the horizon" but of course no one has a time frame for anything with the state of the world.

  14. Thread count matters to the ignorant, you should not look at it if the package thread count is 1 or 1000. Inhale this deeply. Reason is there is no ISO standard for thread size and Maker A uses threads the size of jump ropes and Maker B uses threads the size of a spider web.

  15. Which would mean that this guy's mom hasn't got any teeth.

  16. "Due to their instant popularity, invisible braces remain one of the most successful products the orthodontic industry has ever introduced."

  17. Quite a few? If you've ever seen a commercial for invisilign or smile direct club, you knew about invisible braces.

  18. They aren't even comparable. Marvel used it as a plot device to fill in gaps. They used it as a tool to tap into some IP. EEAAO used it as the plot. It was the emotional motivator for antagonist and eventually the protagonist. It was party of the comedy, part of the romance, part of the familial bonding, etc.

  19. There's no way this is the answer but Outlaw of Gor follows this plot to a T.

  20. I'm just surprised they dodged the low-hanging fruit of making Gadget a tech billionaire.

  21. The closest thing we're ever going to get to a Roger Rabbit sequel (in fact there is some indication that it does take place in the same universe, as

  22. There's an IMDB page that lists Roger Rabbit 2 as pre-production, and since this is being generally well received it'll probably actually happen.

  23. I've never seen it but I'm guessing Lost in Translation just based on the leads.

  24. Knowing that it would be so much easier to exercise if I were already fit. And the knowledge that because my weight is reasonably stable, I'm not actually over-eating and I'm still too lazy to deficit and exercise long enough to lose 50lb.

  25. I think they should be giving us a weekly ration of coke. Might increase productivity. Well, until it doesn’t I guess.

  26. You think they wouldn't force-feed us stimulants if it was legal?

  27. I suspect it's the latter. It's really hard (and kind of dumb) to roll from an upbeat, cheerful song into a story about a dead pet dog. But there also seems to be a lot else going on with Casey; there's a bunch of things bothering him here.

  28. Your link is broken, if the link contains a closing parenthesis you need to escape it with a backslash so that it doesn't close the reddit notation for the link. Check the source of this comment if you're confused.

  29. Frog mating isn't really sensual or repulsive. What happens is the smaller males find a receptive female. And basically give her a hug from behind. She then piggy backs him around for a few days as his squeezing triggers her to ovulate. Then when she's ready she finds corner of a pond lays her eggs and leaves. The male then externally fertilizes the eggs and he leaves too.

  30. Bullfrog Riding is all the rage in country-western frog bars.

  31. Tom and Crow were also not just *performed* by Kevin and Bill but were *written* by a whole team of talented writers.

  32. It's the same for Rifftrax, although the team is smaller. They still typically have five or so writers on any given riff which may or may not include Mike, Kevin, or Bill necessarily. I think Kevin especially hasn't been writing on many riffs for a few years.

  33. I love Rifftrax, but I notice a lot of jokes rely on a “he looks like the kinda guy…” set up.

  34. Yeah, Rifftrax is definitely more of a roast of the movie than riffing on it, but I think it's still close to 50/50.

  35. Jackson was a mercenary film maker. He'd find a backer, get the money up front, and then make the film for a fraction of what he's getting paid.

  36. 24 is the big one for me. I'm not even a professional and I was like "That cannot be the proper way for a secure organization to behave". I get that the point is it's like some centrist apologist fantasy where torture can be justified.

  37. and for two whole pages nobody mentions it's a pig

  38. Basically they only survived because they smell and taste like shit and combined with the fact that they are up in the trees makes them not worth the effort for a predator. Also sloths only shit once a week so they take enormous dumps that’s about a 3rd of their body weight. So if you try to eat them prior to them taking their weekly dump , a third of your meal will be literal shit

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