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  1. My country doesn’t allow it and I’m glad because I can send my beautiful children to school without worrying that some lunatic will shoot them.

  2. Pussies, the bloke is a moron and a party that can’t find a back bone to save the public from his car crash reign are not worth having in power. Piss off the lot of you.

  3. We’re violent, intolerant to everything, can’t even get along with other races let alone other species and have destroyed a multi billion year old planet in the last 100 years. I’d swerve us too.

  4. I met pele, he got out of a car in front of me at Stamford bridge. I couldn’t believe it. We spoke to say hello but that was it.

  5. I hate people who come to live in England and then try and fake a British accent. It's embarrassing. We know that it's fake, we really really really hate it. It's just... Argh. No. No... No.

  6. I’m English and have never witnessed this ever, and even if they do they’re just trying to fit in.

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