1. First off, I think they look great. This is absolutely what you would get in a salon in my area.

  2. The only salon I have really liked is so expensive! I've been to cheaper salons where I've gotten a worse result than I can do myself at home. Feels so unworthwhile.

  3. If you go and get a natural nail manicure it can be cheaper. I pay $20 to get my cuticles cared for and a light filling. Then I go home and do my gel tips and nail art

  4. Should be within 2 weeks of billing. If not, contact cs and ask for an update. I've found that when I do that i generally have shipping info pretty quickly.

  5. It's literally the easiest place. You apply and set up an interview time online. If they are hiring you will get hired

  6. Last night doordash was showing my store as being closed 😬 i wonder if that's why! We were all confused

  7. You can look at your tip wage statement and get a decent idea but the actual paystub wont post till payday

  8. It's so annoying when people seat themselves 😂 especially if i'm the only server on and they sit outside my section. I will pretend not to see you and then act shocked like "i'm not sure why the host would seat you here, there is no server in this section"

  9. Ok. Well, pay card doesn’t need to be a thing. They need to just make direct deposit work. Cards shouldn’t be a thing, unless it’s yours, from your bank (they’re free).

  10. You can have direct deposit, but the paycard gives servers and runners the opportunity to get their money the next morning. I personally get my tips direct deposited, but i'm not sure what your animosity toward the paycard is 🤣

  11. I didn't owe, but i get all my tips on my paycheck instead of the pay card. If you get your tips on a paycard u will owe.

  12. Why would you owe if you have a pay card. They still take taxes out every check

  13. Because your hourly wages don't cover the taxes on your tips, usually. It depends of course on what your hourly wage is and how much you make in tips, also how many dependents you have.

  14. Ask for a side of ranch and a side of ancho paste. Mix them together until they look right and enjoy. Alternatively you can ask for a side of ranch and a side of Cajun seasoning and mix those and it's pretty damned close to tasting like the ancho ranch, maybe even a little better.

  15. okay but is it really though? when those "problems" could be anything from cold food to finding a fry in their mashed potatoes.

  16. According to Brinker it is, they want sub 4 or 5% i believe it is? I would say 11% gwap would fall under some of the worst scores at my location.

  17. You’re a server, y’all have different standards because the guest will eat the food at the restaurant. With you and the food runners, any and all problems should be corrected

  18. Same as to-go, a "gwap" could be anything from they didn't like to music, it took too long to get sat, etc. Same things apply really.

  19. The commodity Gold is delicious, great choice! I’m getting that and the bday candle from cat 2 so far … still deciding.

  20. I'm super excited to try the fragrance! I figure even if i don't absolutely love it i'll know someone who will

  21. If you cancel do you get any amount refunded? I signed up for six months but I’m sick of being moved around like this. Thinking about buying the book and doing it myself

  22. Not from Florida, but I easily make 250 after tip out on a slow double, on a busy double ive made as much as $400 after tipout. So assuming your location is at least relatively busy, that should be a very attainable goal.

  23. Fluctuation is totally normal!! Make sure youre weighing in first thing in the morning before having anything to drink or eat, i weigh in without pants because they are heavy lol.

  24. If you pay at the store, you should be able to put your rewards into the kiosk, not sure why it's such an issue to just call.

  25. Funny to be called out for how irresponsible you are

  26. I guess i don't get it... i'm not the one who forgot about my subscription lmao

  27. This happens sometimes when we run out at my store. They just get the other ones from GFS, probably just temporary!

  28. my location never implemented this. we have the servers pre-bus and the hosts bus and it runs smooth. foodrunning is hell enough without asking me to also run around getting plates.

  29. At our location we do full hands in and full hands out, so when runners take food assuming the table doesnt need them to get anything else, just grabbing a couple plates or cups off the next table on your way. Not saying buss the whole table, just grab something dirty. When you drop the dishes off in the dishtank grab a stack of clean plates or whatever and set it on the line and grab the next food to be ran out. I serve, foodrun, and expo and that seems to be what makes life easier for everyone

  30. You just have to know your clientele. Normally older folks or heavier set people want booths, but you can usually load up high tops with groups of 20-30yos. Not sure if they are more laid back or just too embarrassed to argue 🤣

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