1. Ok so if I’m like a week late there is no charge? Only if it’s a month and over?


  3. Hey! Use Ramss to change up your courses! If you want to add (enroll) in courses then you can do that but you can also swap courses to make sure you actually get a spot and not mess up anything accidentally or in case the course isn't successfully added.

  4. Do u recommend using visual schedule builder? Becuz I have the perfect schedule planned out on there already

  5. Other than the homeless ppl everywhere and the stench, I dislike the fact that campus is so open. Like I see so many people who don’t go to Ryerson, (wired homeless dudes) being way to close to the TMU buildings. Idk it just creeps me out honestly and I wish security could stop ppl who don’t go to TMU from being inside that area(I’m talking abt the part where there are banners that say “welcome to orientation”) it doesn’t feel safe at all.

  6. If u want to have all of ur notes in one place so u also don’t have to carry a whole buunch of books then it is worth it. U can also get pdf versions of textbooks and can edit and write on them as u please. If I have the money to get it I suggest u do so. I don’t regret getting mine at all, best choice I made.

  7. The first week of school has passed, is anyone else still waiting on approval of enrolment from OSAP? Currently still waiting for mine and getting a little anxious.

  8. Wait so has OSAP not giving u any money yet? They already sent mine to school.

  9. No, they haven't. My OSAP website says "Payment on hold until confirmation of enrolment", I double-checked on RAMMS and it says I'm enrolled. They have my estimate calculated and everything but it's currently on hold because the school needs to confirm me.

  10. It might take longer for some ppl depending on when they submitted their OSAP applications I think. If it’s another few days (or sooner) u can email the schools financial aid and ask them abt it

  11. Same. Kind of nervous, I didn’t rlly see great reviews abt the professor on ratemyprof

  12. Don't let that discourage you, imo i think ratemyprof is kind of biased because only ppl who have extremely positive or extremely negative opinions about profs would go out of there way to leave a review. I think the prof will be okay given the mixed reviews he has.

  13. That is true. Cuz I never rlly think to leave a review for anything unless it was rlly rlly good or awful.

  14. I recommend Goodnotes for sure. U can save things u have either drawn or copied on their as stickers so u can always reuse them instead of having to draw/write them all over again. It’s easy it organize. I have all my work for all my classes on there. U can make a file and in each file u can make a notebook.

  15. Yes I actually am. So I am rlly glad I went to the orientation, I sort of know where I’m supposed to go now, I also made from friends in my program and got their contacts and all, one even helped me figure out how I get back. :) wbu? Was ur orientation tdy as well? And how did it go?

  16. I didnt go today unfortunately, but I'll be going to the mandatory one tmr. Today I tried commuting to uni with some friends but that failed miserably bc the go train decided not to come and then i couldn't find where the go train stop was downtown to get back (crying on the inside). Hope it goes better tmr 🤞

  17. 😭I’m sry it didn’t go well. But I think the go train station u will be getting off at at Toronto is the union station, and from there u can take the subway, which will lead to the Eaton Centre which is like 5 minutes away from campus. Also honestly just ask ppl on ur way lol. A lot of ppl r very helpful and I was able to find my way mostly cuz I ask ppl and they turned to be going to the same place as well. So try and look for ppl who look young, they will most likely be going to ryerson (TMU) as well. So yea don’t be afraid to ask ppl on ur way cuz it’s better than being lost.

  18. It’s in cineplex. You go inside and your classroom will be in one of the theatres

  19. It is one of my mandatory courses (MKT 100 - principles of Marketing) I have a lecture of it on Thursday and another on Sunday.

  20. It most likely (it wont) doesnt actually exist on a sunday even though it says it. I know 3 other times for 3 other courses that have this

  21. Sry I meant from a Saturday to Friday, I just realized what I put but I wasn’t hoping to put the class to a Sunday lol.

  22. i’m going into my first year in a few weeks, i see what you mean about changing programs not being easy but i’m torn apart between selecting programs do you have any advice?

  23. I feel like it would be hard to change ur major in your first year, but if u know ur program advisor u should contact them and ask and see what u can do or u will just have to wait until second year to switch. Cuz u will also have to see if u have the credits the program u want to switch to requires.

  24. DId u already do ur first year or r u just starting first year this September? Also do u mean that u want to change ur major? Cuz changing ur major isn’t as easy as just swapping some class around. Cuz u applying for that major was what got u into the school so it won’t be easily done on RAAMS.

  25. Oooo good luck to u, I hope everything turns out well for u… and for me to 😭💀.

  26. Ahaha Tyy and u too! hopefully this commuting thing work outs 😭

  27. Alright thank u again? Also something else sry 😅 I’m waitlisted for a class I want, it says I am #13 in line. Should I pick another class for leave it?

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