I think I have figured out The Great Reset at a moderate level, and how it ties into Covid, vaccines, Trump, Health institutions, and elected politicians globally. Hear me out conspiracy family

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  1. I’m serious my friend. It doesn’t help me sleep. It’s as terrifying a thought as it is liberating. That were so minuscule and small in comparison to something much greater than we can comprehend.

  2. You sound silly. Of course you care. And you can take your own edgy advice, kid, especially with your faux concern for and white-knighting on behalf of Doocy. As hilarious as you are being with that, it is indicative of how you conservatives will shamelessly say anything to criticize her.

  3. That’s the thing with Alien franchise. It’s really two separate fan bases. Jaws in space and the Xeno lore peeps. I enjoyed Prometheus despite the usual criticism, not a perfect film, but I enjoyed it

  4. Sure. The ideas behind it were really cool. But I just can’t help but be bummed that now the whole xeno creature is recontextualized as a man-made (sort of) product of eugenic breeding from a droid with a god complex. It takes the mystery out of the creature and Space Jockey sequence in Alien.

  5. Agreed. Could’ve been so much better. Seemed Scott and the studio were at odds about how to go about the films, and they settled in the middle and Prometheus was the end result.

  6. “People who point out I’m a dumbass are kids or adults :(“

  7. You are suggesting everyone who frequents a conspiracy subreddit must be equally as delusional and gullible as you. Fortunately, that’s not the case. And it’s really cringe-inducing in general to try to defend the validity of a comment by mentioning how many “awards” it received, without even getting into the fact that there’s no standard for receiving awards and, at the end of the day, the post only received 3.

  8. You’re a fuckin idiot. I will entertain you no longer as you’re not worth the toilet paper I wipe my ass with. Fuck off prick

  9. Wow, that’s either a silly lie or you’ve pulled off an incredible feat to do those things while simultaneously being so simple-minded and unquestioning. The way you believe bullshit without reservation, most would notice immediately you’re an easy mark just waiting to be taken advantage of…

  10. Sure, but the job in general is pretty low-key. You might lose people. But you never take work home, and you never have deadlines. You come in, do your job, and go home.

  11. The spike protein is the most lethal biological agent in the history of mankind.

  12. We really really need a source or reference for this. I’ve had some patients with a mysterious fungus like Candida in nature, but incredibly resistant to oral and topical anti-fungals. Would love to see the original post or comment.

  13. As soon as I saw Stephanie Seneffs name I knew it was a crock of shit. She's a computer scientist. She's way out of her league.

  14. Yeah I agree. Not on Bill Gates level. She has no credibility, net worth not high enough

  15. You think Bill Gates personally developed the vaccine by himself?

  16. Nothing to do with development. My point being he has no qualifications whatsoever in virology or epidemiology yet media seems to give him every opportunity to allow him to say what we need to be doing as fact.

  17. My friend I’m not suggesting it’s only the shots causing this, rather the opposite. Both the virus and the mRNA vaccines can do this. However the rna messenger is telling your system to produce the spike to force an immune response generating antibodies. The virus itself has the spike protein, and causes the body to have a full blown innate and adaptive immune response. I would avoid both if possible.

  18. None of those types present in covid or after vaccination.

  19. Your entire post/comment history is just arguing with people about vaccines saying the same things over and over. Tons of post per day. Hope you’re getting paid well. I can tell from all your encounters and downvoted comments that nobody is buying it from you at least. How sad

  20. I do repeat myself a lot. It shows how low the intelligence around here is when they can't remember when they had their misinformation corrected evencthe day before.

  21. It is absolutely gene therapy and the patent for it even says so. You’re clearly misinformed and extraordinarily ignorant.

  22. Stoicism. Be unfaltering in your beliefs. Treat them with respect. And watch the critical thinking do the work for you.

  23. The problem with natural immunity is you have to get covid to get it. Natural immunity being stronger is not a smoking gun. Gaining some immunity with nominal risk of side effects is the trade-off many informed people have made.

  24. Men under 30 have a higher risk of myocarditis from any of the mRNA shots than from SARS-Cov-2.

  25. But maybe someone can correct the science but doesn’t the virus only mutate in the unvaccinated who contract it?

  26. Omicron originated in a vaccinated person and the first 5 cases out of Africa were all vaccinated individuals. It was different than every previous strain, and many hypothesized because the virus mutated to get around the vaccine, hence why vaccines don’t work for it. So no, a non sterilizing leaky vaccine for 100% of the population for a zoonotic coronavirus that rapidly mutates is a terrible idea. History books will not be kind. This should have only been given to the elderly and immunocompromised, not forced on an entire populace. Some countries are already having their 4th shot in just 9 months. It’s insanity.

  27. The poles shift constantly and with it so does our “version” of earth in terms of geographic setting. Water shifts. Land freezes. Etc.

  28. So turns out 7 seed games in the NFL aren’t like March Madness. Who could’ve predicted this

  29. Gardner Minshew is only 25? Why did I think he was like 35

  30. Hereditary, hands down. Not a lot of rewatch factor, but man, that movie in theaters for the first time was an experience like none other.

  31. I’m so envious you got to see it in theaters. Namely that part. I watched at home alone and had to pause out of sheer shock

  32. I came in expecting it to be a decent to good movie and walked out of theaters traumatized telling myself it will be years and years before that masterpiece is topped. Probably how people felt decades ago seeing The Exorcist for the first time. Its truly a movie than can wreck you and disturb you for many days after watching it. Beautifully shot. Great sound and visuals, and the most relentless campaign of tension and anxiety I’ve ever felt watching a movie.

  33. I can’t articulate it much better than the main upvoted answer, but simply put, they can, and you can sue them if you have a reaction since it was a condition of employment. Also, it’s not a long term solution but a religious exemption will likely be accepted, but a medical one will not.

  34. Why would a religious exemption likely be accepted but not a medical one?

  35. Just from what I’ve noticed in our hospital system. Cancer, diabetic, autoimmune, pregnant, etc. They don’t care. They will say it’s safe and effective.

  36. Anything to do with the outdoors. Park ranger. Wildlife. Farming. Nothing beats living on a homestead and producing everything being self sufficient and helping nature.

  37. It's ok, don't worry, just don't take the vaccine on your forehead nor in your... hand? Also, just order and sell online, you'll be fine, no one is preventing the unvaccinated people from doing that.

  38. Your forehead and hand are symbolic. All of Revelation is. Everything is an allegory in it.

  39. My entire life has been turned upside-down due to my refusal to be vaccinated. Not a day goes by that I don't read and hear people saying that they wish I was dead. I just missed my dream job to not being vaccinated.

  40. Just turned down a job from one of most well known tech companies in the world. Went through business school after years of being an MD. Wanted to move up into a more executive role to better help patients by hospitals implementing better decisions. I started it right before Covid hit, and, well.. let’s just say I don’t want to move into that kind of role anymore. It seems you must forego all morals and ethics.

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