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  • By - QDP2D

  1. speed racer should be higher also shoutout to ea playground slot car racing minigame

  2. Same, also I have yet to find a more suitable alternative to my flow that is minimal simplistic and works across all my devices. I just want to occasionally send/save links temporary files and possibly give them a few words of context why does everything have to be a bloated note taking software or some stupid auto synchronization across all devices.

  3. Reddit needs a better blocking interface. My blood boils every time I see a blocked author comment knowing full well it’s qwerkey-uk with another shit take phrased in an elitist manner that only deals in absolutes. Regardless of whether they’re right or wrong or focused on the wrong thing entirely, they never fail to come across as a pompous ass.

  4. Understandable, non smoker, like the smell but hate the residue. Downvoted

  5. The gender-neutral bathrooms in the San Jac lobby. It’s a single-use bathroom so you just lock the door and have complete privacy.

  6. I haven't frequented this subreddit for a few years, but I got into keyboards when Cherry Blue and Green were the top dogs.

  7. Long ago the three switches lived together in harmony. then everything changed when the thock nation attacked

  8. Coming from someone with a 36 key corne, I don’t understand how y’all use these

  9. Can vouch for the magic girls, a personal favorite of mine. the second point of resistance before the bottom out probably makes it the most unique switch out there on the market in terms of typing feel and is worth trying for the sake of variety alone.

  10. 196 on their way to invalidate individual experiences when someone uses an overgeneralization to try and discuss a legitimate issue

  11. All the usual 2s Borderlands 2, risk of rain 2, payday 2, titanfall 2

  12. My progression was: Full-size -> TKL -> 40% -> ... and now 30%!

  13. Full size -> TKL -> full size -> 50% -> 40% -> 40%

  14. I just use my old preonic as a macropad/numpad/dedicated gaming keeb

  15. 40% and Colemak is an instant upvote, that's quite a cool looking keyboard.

  16. Incredibly based selection, surprised how little I had to scroll for borderlands 2. Going off the vibe of this list would add:

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