1. I don’t have any sisters, but my Mum is like this too. Despite repeatedly offering to help around the house re cooking and cleaning, she mostly limits what my brothers and I can do to help around the house, because she thinks such things are exclusively the woman’s duty.

  2. Yeah you got that right. The mass of the object causes the gravity. There you go. Brute fact.

  3. But we can ask why the mass of the object causes gravity, and the explanation would have something do with the curvature of space time. Similarly we can for ask for an explanation behind why objects with masses cause a curvature in space time. And so on.

  4. Yes, basically. No greater explanation precision -> out.

  5. I’m not really sure how that principle would apply here. For Occam’s razor to apply, you need two competing explanations of the same thing. What is the thing that needs explaining in this case?

  6. "I have never been presented with a sound argument in favor of god that comports with reality" would be the claim. If there were a single such argument we would all know. Do you have such an argument?

  7. It doesn't make much of a difference, since the resulting problem remains exactly the same: God makes absolutely no difference either way.

  8. Regarding the self-defeating point: I used to believe that Logical Positivism is self-defeating as well, but that just seems wrong - Logical Positivists offered the Verification Criterion as a DEFINITION of semantic meaning and definitions don't need to be confirmed, they are just stipulated. If I introduce the term "rareklog" and stipulate that this term is defined as "the combination of a car and a person sitting in it", then it makes no sense to ask "So how do you know this?". Well, I "know" it because I just defined it that way.

  9. Why do you think this criticism of logical positivism is so widespread (among philosophers), even though it seems to plainly ignore what its adherents were saying?

  10. I'm not quite sure about your question, but

  11. So… I kind of understand what J-T is, and what kinds of distortions (octahedral) complexes can undergo as a result. What I’m confused about is pointing out which specific electronic configurations will give rise to J-T. Like, what you say here:

  12. It doesn't need to be excited. The 9th electron in your example or the 4th electron in my example could have occupied any of the two t2g orbitals as they are degenerate, and in this case the atom will make one energy level higher and one lower.

  13. Hmm I’ve applied this principle (that given an electronic configuration, we take the last electron to be put in and see whether it could have occupied multiple orbitals, and if it could we get J-T) to all of the diagrams in my earlier link and it seems to work.

  14. I put "expected 1st" on my CV when applying to graduate jobs, even though I didn't expect to (I could have got a 1st, but didn't want to put the effort in to do so).

  15. Look, if you’re just going to ignore everything I say, there’s not much I can do. I’m not going to just repeat myself over and over again. Deductive reasoning

  16. Can you explain the distinction you’re drawing between deduction and evidence? It seems unusual and isn’t very clear to me.

  17. Deduction is merely logical premises and conclusions. For example, the Kalam argument for God.

  18. Everything seems good to me, except this theme that seems to be running through everything you’re saying:

  19. Ah, I have a better idea of what you’re saying now. Thanks for elaborating

  20. I thought ligands by definition donate 2 electrons to the metal centre?

  21. As a start to answering this question, I want to draw out the crystal field splitting diagrams for each of these complexes for both tetrahedral and square planar geometries.

  22. Although I’m inclined to agree with you on the point that it’s unfair to punish people for unknowingly doing wrong,

  23. I did just type up a response for him, feel free to check that out and let me know what you think.

  24. Muslims (well, Sunnis, at least) believe that Muhammad’s explanation of the Quran was a kind of revelation, so there’s no issue of his explanations possibly being flawed.

  25. I probably average 20-30 mins. How could I apply shampoo, shower gel and wash my face all within 5 minutes?

  26. Keep. Left. Unless. Overtaking.

  27. I tried telling my mate that this is how lanes work, but he was adamant that the right lane on the motorway is the “fast lane” and that if you’re doing over 70 you should be in there regardless of whether the other lanes are clear.

  28. IME, the biggest hurdle to making progress in philosophy is not doing any work. And the second biggest hurdle is not having the emotional maturity to handle the critical reflection philosophy requires.

  29. Do you not think that many people are simply incapable of “doing” philosophy well because of innate limitations in intelligence?

  30. Assuming you're already taking fees loan, that's at least £27k on a 3 year course. Plus whatever maintenance loan you're already taking (just £1k so far?)

  31. So I just used the calculator on MSE and apparently I’ll be paying exactly the same amount (£13, 500) regardless of whether I take out the maintenance loan (assuming a £25k starting salary). But tbh this seems like an overestimate because it suggests that after 30 years I’ll be earning 6 figures, which strikes me as unlikely in these fields.

  32. I decided to listen to my parents who were adamant that I should stay home. Now I’m miserable.

  33. This is my favorite. I often want to listen to melancholic songs that just have a certain moody vibe. I've been curating this playlist for a decade.

  34. I’ve had a gander and this seems like exactly what I’m after. Thanks!

  35. Yeah this is what I thought too. I think it’s completely irrelevant whether I fucked up by not giving him right of way earlier on.

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