1. I don't remember much the drill guy but Sally stitches everyone in the beds. I forgot the reason but I think she stitched people to her so they would be 'closer to her' so her killing people and putting them in the beds could be another way of her getting people closer to her? Idk, haven't seen the show in a while haha. I just remember Sally was definitely the reason behind it.

  2. Well Isaac Cole Powell is confirmed to be back so they’re bringing back Death Valley actors

  3. How is horror being white parts washed? If anything ive seen a lot more representation within the horror genre than any other genre.

  4. Ahaha... So funny. Anyway, Dollhouse was my favourite from season two, it was a pretty good improvement from season one.

  5. yeah i figured that. i also posted this before i watched more of the season so i wasn’t fully sure what direction it was going in. thanks for the comment though

  6. Just ignore these comments, they're just being assholes. If you don't understand something then that's completely ok and it's great you went out and asked for answers.

  7. Lol it’s a season about aliens and you’re really asking how it’s possible they got the men pregnant? 😂😂 use your brains my dude

  8. Don't be a dick about it, just answer their question or fuck off.

  9. I wish you had placed a spoiler tag as this is not yet official ☹️

  10. You don't have to worry, the posters almost never spoil anything.

  11. Well most characters who have died go to hell. Everyone has their own personal hell (and anyone's hell could probably change overtime) so Madison's hell the first time could've been completely black but then changed the next time she went. For how some people become ghosts, locations such as Murder House, Hotel Cortez and Camp Redwood are called 'Hellmouths' which are locations built over portals to hell, so the spirits who died on the property are stuck there forever. Witches can also keep spirits onto certain properties (I think lol) the Witch in Roanoke cursed the land keeping the dead trapped there. And the same might have happened with Spalding and Axeman (but I can't really explain those two since other people have died there and never re-surfaced again and Madison went to hell.)

  12. I think if you could incorporate some of the show's most impactful moments that would be really awesome.

  13. Nah, Death Valley had some good moments as well (Anything with Mamie, the opening scene, EISENHOWER and Valiant Thor.) Also don't forget Karen walking into the ocean in Red Tide! AH, it was so good

  14. Idk if this is an edit song 'perfect illusion' would be pretty cool to use. Also, you gotta put in the line "I'm Constance Langdon, and this, is my goddamn house" in there and Lana Banana giving the finger.

  15. Some people here will down vote on anything and everything

  16. i thought i read somewhere that disney was restricting scenes since it’s also streaming over there !

  17. Oh I would've definitely agreed with you (cause Disney does love to ruin things) but actually they have the complete American Horror Story on Disney Plus. And HULU is the main streaming service for Ahstories so I assumed it was them restricting them (I could be completely wrong though)

  18. SAME, like it's a horror show guys, it has HORROR in the title, everyone watching is aware of the risks, keep the freakin horror !

  19. They would still provide teasers and the title even if Jessica Lange was in it. I highly doubt this is true

  20. Yesss! This is so detailed I love it! Oh also, in 1984, Margret bought Briarcliff Manor and in season 7 Ally got invited to be interviewed by Lana Winters.

  21. Honestly it's a mix of worst (not worst as in bad) and best. The school shooting scene, it was horrific but brilliant at the same time.

  22. I would look at that opening again and those performances. The lake is a fucked up metaphor for sexual repression and the episode isn't even vaguely subtle about it, that it's presented alongside the other 'kinky' stuff of the franchise is deeply disturbing.

  23. What? I'm re-watching to prove it actually isn't about incest

  24. I wish they explained it more, I honestly just thought because there was just a huge variety of different aliens in Death Valley (some have tentacles, are made out of goo, look like traditional aliens, look human etc.) that I just looked at it as being an early staged variant or just one that looks different from the rest. (I don't believe they killed every variant either, Theta and the tentacle alien is proof of that AND because they're species is dying I wouldn't understand why they would just kill all of them when they can put some to work (Abducting and experimenting) Also kit Walker's kids were probably just a different kind of experiment. They looked human so they weren't the correct variants they wanted, also Valiant also told the President that they were doing a 'respiratory' experiment so there was definitely more they were testing on. The kit Walker kid's experiment was probably to see how human pregnancies work.

  25. I literally read 'season finale' and my stupid ass thought this would be the finale season... My head skipped a beat ahaha. Thank goodness it's not true and I just misread it

  26. As much as I love every single one of her amazing characters, Elsa just has a special spot for me and I don't know why.

  27. First off, visually, it was gorgeous. I saw it first in a Dolby theatre and then IMAX. The huge screen really adds to the suspense of it all. So many moments I loved, I'll admit there was moments in the story that I wasnt sure what to think (barbie's character being a throwaway, not initially understanding the shoe, and other little moments) that I was still trying to understand after the movie, but overall I enjoyed the message, the acting, the visuals. I can get how some people didn't like the alien or whatever, but I enjoy movies more from how I feel in the moments, and then digesting their messages and nuances.

  28. I think the shoe was used more as a symbol. Cause the movie focuses a lot on 'the spectacles' and with that, the focus of the shoe is a spectacle, you're distracted by it even though there is a literal bloodbath around you, but the shoe takes up your focus instead. Idk if that made sense but that's what I got out of it.

  29. Bringing it back a few times to me was just them expanding the universe and showing that there are a lot more 'hellmouths' out there than just the Murder House. And if you think about it, they haven't shown that many of them - Murder House, Hotel Cortez, Roanoke Colony's land and Camp Redwood, just four.

  30. At least we got Cult though, zero supernatural elements. And it's possible season 11 could be doing the same thing.

  31. The only things that greatly affected the timeline was Queenie going (which if she didn't the same result would've happened because Ramona didn't do anything with the witches blood, so Hotel's timeline isn't affected at all) Constance not committing suicide, the Murder House story in Apocalypse doesn't happen in the new timeline, and now there is a new anti-christ coming.

  32. Ramona never killed Countess nor did she really fight her, they kinda talk for a bit then countess leaves so the witches blood didn't do anything

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