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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. How so? Your arguing one side. I'm arguing the other. If you don't like the way this works feel free to move to fucking china where you believe what Kim believes.

  2. is it the one that goes “shut your mouth baby don’t say a word” and stewie goes “that was my part but okay”? that one kind of raps

  3. No :( That's the Lois one I mentioned. Lmao I'm beginning to think I imagined it

  4. Bruh my nips still show through my shirt even with a thick sports bra on. It happens. That guy was absolutely just trying to be a creep.

  5. It's funny they don't realize that THEY are the ones creating more kids who become atheists & child free people.

  6. To me, yes. If they really want to pray for me, they can do it in their head. I do not want them telling me that when they know I do not believe in & don't like "God".

  7. Did all of this. Got my masters degree, was social AF, in a great relationship, have a cat, worked out 5 times a week, spent time in nature, regularly drew & wrote, played games, meditated, ate healthy, went to therapy, etc. I made time for myself & for close ones. I was well rested but active too.

  8. Uh.. NTA for not calling them & saying that, but YTA for not seeing that this man doesn't care about your daughters at all. He wants them to be held back cuz he knows he isn't going to help the rest of his kids. He's taking out frustrations of his failures onto your children.

  9. Why the fuck did I think you meant the coupon site Honey. My first thought was "What, this guy doesn't like saving money?"

  10. I have an Indian friend who has never been to America, but sounds extremely American. And yes, he was actually born and raised in India, he doesn't just have some great grandfather who went to India once and felt a "real connection to the culture"

  11. That was the same with me. I never left India until I was 22, but always had an *American accent cuz I went to an "international" school. We had French teachers from France, half the students were kids who were born in the States/Canada and I grew up with them from around age 6 to 18. We even had a few white students and a couple of black students.

  12. Omg the whiplash that came with that last post. I... I'm so disgusted I don't know what to say

  13. I would take them in, on the condition that their father stay away, if he wants to see them then your mother can be the go between. The children have nothing to do with what either of their parents did and or how they treated you. They're innocent, they need someone, maybe you do too. I'm an incest survivor and I went through alot of counseling, overcame addiction and countless other traumatic events in my life, so it's not like I can't empathize with you, I just feel like maybe there is a reason that this is literally landing on your doorsteps?

  14. The mom already promised the rapist would never be involved. Now the first time itself she brought him to OPs HOME

  15. I really think you'd make a good mother to them. They are not him, they are your nephews. And they are half your sister and one quarter you. If he's already gone that much odds are he won't be around or care about seeing them anyways. Have him sign over all his rights to you. Live a good life.

  16. Based on what? OP has never taken care of a child, let alone grieving kids whose dad raped her

  17. How have you not processed the assault by now?? Not saying you shouldn't be upset by it but i just don't get it, as someone who was raped at barely 13 and had my virginity taken, then had other sexual assaults down the road.... i am now 40 and have combed through the muck and can deal with it.

  18. Whether she processed it or not has no bearing here. Not everyone is you. Do you want a cookie for being stonger than everyone else?

  19. Ooh hard disagree. White text on black is WAAAAY more aesthetically appealing than black text on white.

  20. Whhhyyyyy would you tell your friends about your partners fetish WHICH IS PRIVATE INFO??? And ESPECIALLY when you KNOW he's choosing to trust you with it after being dumped for it in the past!

  21. I don't see how the person you love being attracted to any body part at all is off putting at all.

  22. Its a matter of "Do they only like me for my body part or do they like me for me & the body part is a plus?".

  23. As kid I started eating the crust first so that way I only have the good part of the sandwich left to look forward to without wasting food

  24. Oh I still do this as an adult. I can't stand crust on bread so I eat it first.

  25. Lmao yes!! Usually it's bob's burgers for me but lately changed to family guy. The banter and stuff make me sleep easily

  26. I say this with love but you don't know who is reading your comments about your body. You shouldn't talk badly about yourself to begin with and someone larger who is in a bad place can see it and start to feel terrible about themselves. This is primarily a support subreddit and I think it's important to lift other posters up when we can

  27. I'm sorry but that's unfair. People have the right to speak about themselves without the pressure of others taking it personally. It's about themselves. If someone takes it personally it's really on THAT person. I do agree about the negativity talk being unnecessary though.

  28. Sure. But others still shouldn't take it personally when it was never about them.

  29. I have over 900k in cash. If I could I would gladly give you all of it. The gems are where the money is. Most of the good outfits cost gems. I'm at the point where I just hate when I get lower than 4 score on an outfit cause I feel I will never get rid of the stock pile of cash cause I have nothing left to use it on. I wish there was a feature where when we follow a particular person we could do a trade off on cash or clothing.

  30. The biggest lesson early on in the game is don't use unworn items in every event you enter. The game obviously encourages you to play this way but unless you're attempting to win something like a marathon prize it's better to stockpile unworn items.

  31. Thank you for your advice! I'm implementing this with manhattan ladies. Usually I use the unused ones immedietly so I dont have to buy additional stuff but now I'm saving them and trying to pile up cash

  32. She just thinks you have too much free time on your hands. This is her giving you extra work 😂

  33. Um I have a question (and new fear) - what is stopping a fire from starting just cuz I'm standing there?

  34. theyre not saying your constant gaze is a fire retardant, theyre saying if the fire starts you can instantly react and grab the extinguisher

  35. I know my question sounded dumb but what I meant was - how do I prevent it a fire from starting in the first place while also heating the oil up?

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