1. Grab some practice while you can, we’re deploying soon

  2. Watch out, they might charge you for endangering national security

  3. Ironic lmao, I could say the same about you. We are in the endgame now.

  4. Is it good? Gas efficiency how far can it shoot etc

  5. Kicks absolute ass, this is my outdoor gun, 30 meters should be alright

  6. My guess is they destroyed the drone, the pts showed up and their brain had a lag. Due to you laying down and the pts showing up at similar time, they may thought they had killed/assisted you for a second - giving you the time needed to recover.

  7. This is an old clip from when the game was actually enjoyable (so before Cold War)

  8. Any idea what the differences are between the KSC and the KWA versions? I know they are from the same parent company but some KSC reviews I’ve seen show completely different build materials and finishing.

  9. They are the same company essentially but they make different stuff, KSC makes more GBB while KWA is become more and more popular in the states with their new stuff like the TK45

  10. Be ready to replace the disconnector though, KWA/KSC mp9s tend to break that part quite frequently and you have to take apart the entire gun to replace it. Besides that it’s a great gun from what I’ve seen and heard, I was planning on picking up before giving up on waiting and getting a we mp5

  11. WE MP5 lit, steel bolt and everything, HK slap it all day and it wouldn’t give in like a VFC Mp5

  12. I’m looking to swap the PEQ out for a DBAL A2

  13. TFW you need to fit shit in the backpack and that railspace is starting to look real juicy 😂

  14. Shit happens when you only bring a scavbp

  15. What do you mean “when you continued”? What more was there to say after she agreed to have dinner with you? Is it possible you freaked her out with something you said?

  16. I simply asked when was she getting off so I could arrange a time slot, nothing freaky.

  17. does his penis go into your bum bum when he's that close?

  18. Look let’s not ask questions nobody wants the answers to

  19. Damn, thanks. now that I’m looking at it o couldn’t of even got the xm26. I’m left handed

  20. If you really want that master key look then it’s your only option, but in terms of fielding it and making use of it you might as well just put another fore grip.

  21. These are all pretty simple icons. I would just pull this into After Effects and create the icons on a new layer with shape layers. Google and YouTube are you best friends when figuring this stuff out.

  22. What if I want to change the guns in the loadout, for example? If it’s icons I could just mask and grab them but how does one do the custom stuff?

  23. Very nice. While detonator slides are definitely awesome it's still painful payinful paying $250+ for one... Have a silver one myself. Did you get it at boomarms?

  24. Got it at an airsoft store in Hong Kong, you are right, I was contemplating wether I should get a slide that was more expensive then the damn gun

  25. Is that a repro Ronin patch? Ive never seen his store sell embroidery “Ronin” patches. Only laser cut and PVC

  26. You are correct, I have some friends that makes patches so I got them to help me do it

  27. Looks at those grenades...are you planning to blow up the entire enemy camp?

  28. ur missing a slide cancel into cover Kappa

  29. Nah mate I’m clearly the gas, got no time for games

  30. It's likely the parking lot or the car was put there for the video, I've never seems field with cars that still have plates on

  31. It’s an actual field in Hong Kong, not sure about the plate though

  32. Oh okay! What’s it like for airsoft?

  33. You lose to ability to ADS and breathe heavily when you put on the filters but they look cooler with them on.

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