1. Thanks! For this version without electronics, yeah, there’s a rod running almost the full length. When I added electronics, I replaced the solid threaded rod with a hollow threaded rod so I could have some wire ways. Also swapped a couple parts here and there to have more threaded connections so the hollow rod only runs from the emitter to just above the switch box. Also super glue lol

  2. No pcb for the blade. In fact it’s just a friction fit, no dueling with this saber! The board came from Etsy, Sabercore 2 RGB (seller: Megalatronics).

  3. Awesome job. I’ve heard of other homemade sabers consisting of a simple led strips from Amazon. I’m sure Sabercore is much better.

  4. No link, but easy to find, there's a bunch on e-bay. Not e-bay branded, hai-sung or something like that, couple brands but similar sounding. Looking at the Juiced site, my memory of the back up battery purchase got clarified.. It's $800, went on sale for $600, and the Capital One extension got me another $120 off, so $480 plus tax. 19.2 AH, and says it'll fit your Ripracer. Thanks, and yeah Happy Happy joy boi 😊

  5. I’m new to the e-bike world. My battery is 52v 15ah. I keep reading comments that the electric hub should be greased bc factory lacks. And idk if I could use a 19ah with my stock motor. I’ll be learning more. YouTube/Reddit is my best friends right now. lol

  6. You could use that battery, it's simply larger capacity, same voltage (peaks at 58.8) but definitely not a "must have" I would think, perhaps in time, as your original loses efficiency. I had no need, but getting $320 off...well, I'm a sucker for deals...and back up plans. Never heard about greasing the rear hub, guess I'll look into that as well. Got my bikes last year, have almost 800 miles on one 'lectric, maybe 40 on the other, and 467 on my CCX.

  7. Shit like this is always cringey af to me. Just ignore football if yer no into it

  8. It’s very cool, but I think it’s in a little bit of a strange place to try to sell to the general public right now.

  9. It’s still cool even if my tape measure can do the same thing

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