Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts

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  1. The majority of the fanbase seems to want endless remakes and I don’t understand why..

  2. because honestly everything before Biohazard is extremely outdated lol. it’s normally not to a games detriment but for RE i feel that it is. fixed camera angles is the number one reason for me

  3. There Is a Bit of potential in a Village Chris Chapter.

  4. i could definitely see a Chris DLC happening for Village if the next mainline game is still a few years out

  5. i accidentally copy texted instead of copy linking but this is from Krist in a reddit comment a few years ago

  6. (Wow... you learn something new everyday. Had no idea "payed" in the nautical or rope context existed.)

  7. paid kinda works though because it’s like you didn’t pay them with any of your attention.

  8. Did you not read the bot? Paid doesn't kinda work - it's the only correct thing to say

  9. First album was good and Everlong is a classic, but after that I have no interest in them. I bought the last album on CD at Target on a flyer, and regretted it after about three songs. I threw it the dumpster at work before I even finished it. Wish I could have that $12 back.

  10. oh yeah that new one is bad… they haven’t really been all that good since 1999 though i fear

  11. He was definitely a cutie. Having been a teenage girl at one point… I can’t say I condone it, but I understand it.

  12. Billy Corgan is a beautiful man still to this day. James Iha too. i’m a straight man with a wife and kids but i often fantasize about ruining it all to be with Billy Corgan or James Iha.

  13. same. i’ve tried to like his rap but only really Bloom and Hotel Diablo are any good. in particular, i don’t like this new song

  14. chile but like saudi arabia ended argentinass... they literally outsold despite being nugu... they won against the favourites for group i mean team of the tournament year they're so iconic for that might have to stan!

  15. people like you are why that Saudi Arabian player got his face broken 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱👎

  16. When it comes to wrestling well, specifically WWE, just start. Just a pick a show and start watching. WWE usually makes sure to have adequate introductions for feuds and fights.

  17. this is true up until July 2022. you’ll have no idea what’s happening right now if you were to watch SmackDown last night or Raw 2 weeks ago for example. i’ll be honest, i forgot why pretty much all of the current feuds are even happening right now (except for Theory/Rollins/Lashley because it’s reminiscent of McMahon’s booking so naturally it’s the best thing on the show) because HHH is hesitant to do recaps and remind the audience of why these people have been fighting for 6 months.

  18. i’ve been doing it. just watch those shows in your free time and the weeks blow by. got 5 weeks left of 2021 programming and then i’ll be completely caught up

  19. Even pairing Lee with Swerve hasn't saved him, dude's career is basically doomed. You just can't overcome such a lack of charisma, poor guy.

  20. yeah also doesn’t help that Keith Lee refuses to act. Vince told him to act mad… a basic easy emotion to fake and Lee just quit. corny imo

  21. oh absolutely. it’s a shame he even got a sentence at all. stupid whores are just being shown they can get away with lying about being sexually assaulted with no consequences for their lies.

  22. I'm not though, kinda close but I'm not (I'm 15)

  23. Is there a story behind this or are you just talking shit lol cuz if there's a story I wanna hear it, it sounds funny

  24. i’m just talking shit lol. it sounded funny to say and in the pic it looks like someone just told him Skye Blue went to get with the tribal chief

  25. to be fair bans on twitter are pointless, its far too easy to make a new account.

  26. Had an account for 10 years just randomly banned for ban evasion. Made a new one with underscores in the name (12 support tickets and a report to the BBB where they changed the ban reason) and basically just kept using Twitter. Yeah, you need phone numbers, but only at a random point when they lock your account until you give it to them. Could take a day, could take months.

  27. yeah that’s the same reason i got banned and after 2 appeals they said i’ll never be able to be appeal again basically telling me to stop and this was all under Elon Musks twitter about last week.

  28. this the type of shit that needs to be on TV along with the Maximum Male Models show instead of 7 long ass boring matches

  29. The reason why I'm not complaining that they made the camo challanges easier it's annoying having to do a 360 noscope 316.21m Longshot after falling 21.4m just to get 1/100 progress

  30. that literally never happened lmfao these progressions are ass compared to BOCW, VG and MW19

  31. You literally had to do mounted Longshots with 3 attachments that destroy the Longshot capability in vanguard. In mw2019 you had to get like 3k kills just to get 1 gun gold. In cw I never played mp but in zombies you had to get nearly 20k kills for a gun to become gold

  32. didn’t bother me. plus those 3 games are waaaaaay better than MWII. i guess easy camo challenges comes at the expense of a fun game 🤷🏻‍♂️

  33. Idk man, i sh and id say im pretty mid

  34. unironically due to Vince being the greatest wrestling booker and promoter of all time

  35. hard cam side where the seats are elevated but not too far back so you can see everything in the ring is my personal favorite

  36. Anyone else never have an issue with calluses? Seems like mine developed instantly 😆

  37. mine hurt for like the first week and then i’ve been fine ever since. not sure how in the bluest of hell the guy in the picture had his fingers looking like this. at some point you should just take a break lol

  38. The Japanese crowd still enjoys Karl, they definitely would enjoy Tama beating him, I understand how Karl is boring as hell but this won’t be a piss break for the live fans

  39. absolutely insane to me that boring asshats like Karl Anderson, Young Bucks and Kenny Omega somehow get over in Japan

  40. The Elite get over everywhere, you just have a hate boner for some odd reason

  41. i think you are the only person in the world to think this

  42. Outside the wrestling bubble, WWE hasn't made a star since CM Punk. And even then, he only had very minor crossover appeal.

  43. if you want to talk about legitimate stars that everyone knows then Hulk Hogan, The Rock and John Cena is it. comparing others to them is just unfair

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