1. That people are actually showing up to doctors wanting this diagnosis without understanding the ramifications of it (you can’t adopt from some agencies, some agencies won’t let you foster children, will you be able to safely have children because of your medications, there’s whole careers you no longer can pursue because of the diagnosis like being a pilot, you have to report it on the bar in some states, same for medical school, you can be disqualified from studying/researching abroad in some countries if you went to grad school, etc and those are just the problems I’ve run into) absolutely blows my mind. Being diagnosed saved my life but it’s also fundamentally changed it and every few months I find another thing that stigma or safety literally prevents me from being a part of and idk why anyone would… not think twice about that?

  2. Bipolar tiktok is a disaster. Definitely don’t recommend it, ESPECIALLY if you’re not in treatment/self diagnosing. Tiktok will convince you having feelings is a symptom of an illness!!

  3. I think you’d actually look gorgeous with very short hair! Your cheekbones and eyes are to die for, very gamine.

  4. Oof that Photoshop is no joke. But in the ones where she's speaking she's definitely got vertical and not curve. I see bluntness but not width... I'd guess FN over D.

  5. I think her weight has fluctuated and so her shape has changed, but I was thinking even SD!

  6. I’d go for one of those Bixie cuts that’s popular now! Your face is quite feminine so the softness would suit you but your cheekbones are to die for and you should show them off!

  7. Waiting for the inevitable comments saying FN because everyone gets called FN in this sub lmao

  8. Lol lots of people on the Freely Kibbe group said she was FG. Must be the short hair.

  9. Taylor Swift is a D with ingenue essence and her outfits from the Lover/Folklore eras were v cottage core!

  10. This is SUCH a violation. What they’re saying is already ignorant but to post it publicly without permission?? TONS of people go in for tattoos as SH coverups. Any decent tattoo artist will know better than this. They completely violated your privacy. They shouldn’t be a tattoo artist if this is how they behave (plus side though, your tattoo looks great. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin a beautiful piece for you)

  11. I watched the Stephan Fry documentary about it right after getting diagnosed and it really helped me come to terms with things. Plus, Carrie Fisher is in it!

  12. Since it’s so washed out it would actually be really easy to fix! Just get someone to lay down more saturated colours and probably a black outline if you want it to hold. Good luck!

  13. I see a fair few threads here on this sub about people wanting to get Swedish citizenship by descent. I have no idea if it happens more or less frequently here compared to other similar subs about other countries. But my question is simply: Why?

  14. I live in the UK and an EU passport/citizenship would be incredibly useful. As well I did grow up surrounded by Swedish people and culture and I want to be able to go and visit family.

  15. And I have grown up with the importance of the Sauna (I was in a sauna with my family before I was 1 year old), we have some Finnish foods and grandma always talks about how we have the Finnish Sisu in our family.

  16. An EU citizenship would mean I could settle in any EU country very easily. Yes, the application would be a hassle, but it opens a lot of possibilities.

  17. I’ve been thinking that maybe! Torn between D and SD. I’m currently very underweight (I’m in ED recovery) so it’s hard to tell. Being pure D would make being genderfluid a lot easier for me though !!

  18. Honestly I feel like you do have quite an androgynous vibe in a way. I think dramatic lines would suit you better tbh— the very femme lush SD lines feel a bit out of place on you even though you do look gorgeous of course!

  19. Notice how you said you wanted to quit but didn’t want to leave them hanging …. What about you ? And the way they made you feel!!! Good for you !!!

  20. You know what, you’re right! Here I was torn up about these people who made NO effort at any point to make me feel safe, comfortable, or supported. And I barely got paid. They can figure it out!

  21. Pretty sure my mouth would have gotten the better of me when called a "man hater". Not all men db, not all men...

  22. Haha it was insane for him to say in the context but when he said “oh you think you’re sooo superior to me” part of me was like… well, yes! Now I do!

  23. No but my current DB winks at me A LOT. It always makes me feel really weird and he never does it in front of MB but does in front of the kids. I just look away every time lol but he continues to do it and I haven’t seen him do it to anyone else. Very weird … I like to think/hope it’s totally innocent but I still think it’s inappropriate

  24. I think you are seeing this aggressive behavior from the children because of the example DB is setting...I would highly doubt you are the only one he directs his anger at and the children hear and see everything and are now modeling his behavior.

  25. The parents are absolutely horrible to the children. Not physically abusive or I would’ve reported them, but they say horrifying things when they’re frustrated.

  26. Wow this sounds eerily like my former DB... in the middle of a normal conversation he completely lost his cool and started screaming at me in front of NK and MB. His behavior literally triggered PTSD bc of how much it reminded me of a former abusive partner. After he finished screaming he stormed off and MB acted like it was completely normal which scared me even more and even though I was shaking and crying she asked me "Can I go to work now?". I quit immediately. It was terrifying and traumatic in the moment, then later became heartbreaking that I had to leave NK like that without even saying goodbye. I think about her everyday and pray that she's OK. So you're not alone... I'm sorry you are going through this. I was with my NF 6 months before this happened so I know how it feels... I feel like I got cheated out of an opportunity to have a healthy, long term relationship with a good family. Especially bc they asked me to quit another part time nannying job with a family I loved so that I could give them more hours. I had many moments prior to this event where I felt like something was off with the parents and I really regretted not trusting my gut and leaving sooner. It's hard, but ultimately we can't get hung up on thinking it's a waste of time or wishing things went differently or being angry. We just take what we learned and move forward as more experienced, resilient and capable people! Im sending you positive energy and best wishes ❤️

  27. I’m so sorry that happened. I hope you’re in a better situation now ❤️

  28. My family seem eager to get rid of me. The dad even sort of bragged that their nanny from before me is coming back. It really really hurts. I’m sorry

  29. I’m in an LDR so hyper sexuality was really really rough. Honestly best advice I ever got was to exercise. Masturbating made it worse. Exercising was much more productive (lord knows I could use it haha) and really really helped get rid of the urges. Beyond that I’d agree with the others, delete apps, try not to drink. Keep condoms on you so even if you crack you don’t have unprotected sex, because that’s where it gets dangerous

  30. Thank you so much! The masturbation makes sense to my situation. So I guess it's time to head back to the gym.

  31. It’s definitely the most annoying solution but the most effective in my experience haha

  32. Not all of them. The big box ones flash but most don't work anymore. The newer ones which are smaller and are attached to streetlights (around my area anyway) those are infrared I think and don't flash they just take a picture. Don't quote me on this.

  33. Haha it’s okay. It was a big box one so maybe it would’ve flashed if I’m lucky. Ah well!

  34. Interesting, what are you thinking?

  35. She looks too vertical and narrow to me. No softness, no balance.

  36. I accidentally ran a red light when I first moved here. Got caught by a camera and got a letter in the post asking for my drivers license number. Put down the number on my Norwegian license and sent it back. Never heard anything further

  37. Are you sure she’s not gamine? She seems so typical G to me!

  38. I’m new to Kibbe but honestly I see pure D. You might be a thin SD since in some of these I see curve but for the most part I see narrowness and vertical. I think long lines suit you best

  39. You need to find clothes that are more fitted and highlight your favorite parts of your body. Wear the clothes, do not let the clothes wear you. You are very slender and finding fitted clothing in your size, I am sure, is not easy. You can also fake silhouettes. When I worked in fashion I would put wonder bras on people with smaller chests and they would be so excited to look like they have nice boobies. Or I would find them shapewear with a little extra padding. Also find a seamstress. They can make your off the rack clothes look expensive by making everything fitted and personalized. Overall fashion is about confidence. I was a teen when the movie Clueless came out... some of their "designer" outfits were ridiculous but their confidence made their looks iconic.

  40. Thank you! I think I’m going to be much more picky about fit from now on

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