1. what does aspergers have to do with thinking that they're right with everything?

  2. The best warship is the one they never saw coming. Even better- that still can't bee seen or engaged even when attacking

  3. I’m guessing most “giant battleships” are poorly made. No reinforcements, redundancy or such. Maybe not even a heavy armour spine for structural integrity.

  4. Heavy armor is not invulnerable. PMW (player made weapons) can smash through 12 block thick heavy armor. Wasn't kidding on literally cuting them in half (did I mention lengthwise?). That is the high end of 'engineering a solution's in game- PMW's. It's honestly amazing what a full [REDACTED- dang it almost did it again!]

  5. I see. Yikes, there definitely needs to be better armour or something. Yeah, redundancy is highly important. Redundant ammo storage, fuel (hydrogen) storage, batteries, reactors (on bigger stuff), conveyor lines, etc

  6. Not rare. I met a lot of guys in prison who's first sexual adventure was with a woman over legal age while they were minors.

  7. Yep, was at party where a 22 year old girl was trying to (and succeeded) in taking a 16 year old boy's virginity (and his sister had brought him to a college party for exactly that reason).

  8. I just skimmed it and signed off. I do that with IRL contracts and terms of service too. Maybe I shouldn't do that.

  9. Yeah. The whole thing with most people not bothering to read ToS’s, etc is probably being abused by Lynx to get away with so much stuff. Lynx can’t do anything if you don’t sign the contract, sure you don’t get the job but at least your still a free person.

  10. And iirc the people who are signing up for this are the people who are down on their luck and taking this super dangerous job on the promise of fat hazard pay. So even though one probably could read the contract and be like "wtf," Lynx would just respond to either take the contract or go back home. And I get the feeling from each of the characters that the latter option just means guaranteed eventual death in poverty and pollution back on Earth.

  11. I think the devs have stated that they won’t put anything military into the game.


  13. I can see Star Citizen, Star War, Star Trek and Elite: Dangerous ships on the horizon

  14. Yes. Especially CMDRs who desperately want ship interiors.

  15. Wartime does sound pretty interesting, could have huge heavy frontal armour also.

  16. Yeah, like combat/warships. These could be retired intact ships and ships that are beyond repair so they are just sent to the scrappers.

  17. Super common. This other chick Meg liked it too. Hell she wanted me to put a dog collar on her lol. Lots of chicks like to be slapped too. 'spit in my mouth daddy's etc etc. Women are way more kinky than I was. Dozens of them have slowly trained me to lean into that stuff more - I personally am satisfied with vanilla but you give the people what they want!

  18. That’s why I always decompress from the inside (using the atmosphere regulators when possible).

  19. I would caution against giving sundies straight up 50% HP conditionally like that.

  20. Yeah. What I’d suggest is just adding back the increase in armour resistance stats that the blockade armour caused. So without it the Sundy has the same armour resistance on all sides but with the blockade armour the Sundy has increased armour resistance on the front and sides but not the rear (so it’s now a weakpoint).

  21. Pretty sure the Kobalt is still good enough to kill mans, it just isn’t the full auto battle rifle it was anymore.

  22. Maybe seek advice from the Movecraft cannons? Link to a tutorial video:

  23. Do they realise that the lizards are literal space Nazis? And sure that doesn't mean all of them are heartless monsters, but around 70-80% of them do enjoy eating children.

  24. Bit of an out-there one, potentially; the krakotl are predators. Between their behavior, the line from kalsim "there's only room for the one of us" (which im interpreting as "there can only be one predator species in the galaxy") and the fact that that would be a helluva twist. Also, they have curved beaks; a very predatory evolutionary trait if i do say so myself. With the federation's lack of understanding of all things biological, it wouldn't be hard for the birdies to hide it.

  25. Yeah. Them just claiming it’s for getting through tough nuts and fruits and stuff (which would probably also be true).

  26. When Kalism is captured "The subject did not survive interrogation"

  27. Now I'm just imagining the Arxur and Humanity locking arms and singing this song.🤣

  28. Yes, we get early chapters and bonus storys

  29. I’m jealous now. But what are the Patreon comments like? Just asking

  30. Last few chapters there have been some discursion going about joing the axur, and some of the federation bootlikers has been saying that pro arxur are crazy as stuff like that, fun stuff

  31. I see. Sounds absolutely joyful (/s aka sarcasm. “/s” means sarcasm right?).

  32. Using people for self gratification with no regard or appreciation for the pain you inflict in the process? That goes beyond narcissism. That’s a sociopath.

  33. (referring to OP in case that wasn't clear btw, not you quoting it)

  34. But this did not stop many. And yes, the construction system is pointless. Until they let you build on the bases.

  35. Or give construction a role that has an effect for the entire map or at least a large area of it.

  36. The walls surrounding the central building kinda makes it look like a rts base or something.

  37. My take is that sex is not the goal of a relationship, but the byproduct of a successful relationship. It's a highly desirable byproduct, but it's a byproduct nonetheless.

  38. Interesting that dads chime in because of having daughters. Just raise your children, male and female, to respect people and boundaries. This is how we mitigate this behavior

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